Top tips for making money at car boot sales

Top tips for making money at car boot sales

Doing a car boot sale is one of the quickest ways to get rid of unwanted stuff and raise a bit of cash.  We explain how to attract punters and their pounds (or 50p!).

Don't label things with prices

  1. Remember to take your float. When you're selling things for 20p and 50p etc you will need change.
  2. If your cupboards are overflowing with carrier bags take some with you, people will always ask if you have a spare bag when buying things and it's a good way of thinning out your own stash.
  3. When setting up watch your items. You would think at a car boot sale you wouldn’t have to deal with thieves but you definitely do. Don’t let would-be thieves take advantage of you being busy and things then go missing.
  4. Don't label things with prices - pricing items can actually put people off. If someone is interested in an item they will ask.
  5. Be prepared to haggle, this is part and parcel of a car boot sale. Even at 50p you can expect someone to haggle so be prepared and open minded.
  6. Don't over price items, remember carbooters are after a bargain and sometimes it can come down to whether you want to take the item home again. It may be worth more than £1 but if it's been in your cupboard for a while and it's looking like it's going to go back with you then maybe the £1 is better.
  7. Clothing sells better when it’s in a big pile with 50p or £1 an item next to it. People love to rummage through and find good bits. Recognisable brands like Next and Gap tend to sell well. All individually-priced items on a clothes rail can be a bit off-putting and intimidating.
  8. Car boot sales can get repetitive, so go as a seller odd weeks and try different sales to keep things mixed up.
  9. Take foldable chairs as it can be tiring standing on your feet for a long time and after an early start, a chair can be a welcome sight.
  10. Take snacks and drinks. There will almost always be a burger van, doughnut van or something similar there and after an early and busy start the smells drifting around can be very tempting. Resist the urge and keep the pennies in the pot by taking your own food with you.
  11. Resist the temptation to have a look around. If you're there to sell then stick to it, because before you know it you will find bargains and your takings will start to decrease.
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