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Welcome to yours.co.uk, the digital home of Yours online and Yours magazine, the UK's most loved magazine for mature women.

Our history

First launched in 1974 with a mission to celebrate and champion the lives of older people, over the past five decades, Yours has created a community of like-minded people with shared values and a shared history.

The charity Help the Aged (now Age UK) launched Yours with the aim of creating something targeted to an all-too-often forgotten section of society. The newspaper was distributed by willing volunteers via clubs, day centres and churches and instantly became a hit. These benevolent beginnings set the tone for what would become the UK’s kindest magazine.

In 1988 Yours was bought by publishing company Emap, which turned it into a monthly magazine. From the beginning, we wanted Yours to be a mixture of friendship, information, laughter and support that is still at the heart of what makes Yours unique.

A central part of Yours is celebrating your lives. Although society can make the over 50s feel invisible, we pride ourselves on highlighting the stories of ordinary women doing incredible things.

Our content

Bringing you the latest expert advice about money matters, relationships, day trips and holidaying, crafts and gardening and cookery and fashion, this content is all Yours. So snuggle down with a nice mug of your favourite, and find some inspiration for your next project!

Alongside our advice content we also regularly interview a huge range of celebrities from the TV shows, films and books yo u love and there are always some exclusive competitions to enter.

One of our current missions is to push the conversation on mental and physical fitness, and the impact it can have on our overall happiness and wellness. 50 over 50 is our challenge to inject some fun into your life with a challenge checklist, and we are huge supporters of Walk 1000 miles for walking to wellness.

Our product recommendations

At Yours, we work hard to bring you the latest recommendations of products that you care about most.

Our experts know our audiences and what they both want and need to buy; our journalists pride themselves on the highest standards and best practices, and we are always looking for what is best for you – what’s the most practical, with the most beneficial features, not necessarily what’s the most fashionable or the most expensive.

As part of the wider Bauer Media network, we are able to leverage a huge range of expertise from finding you the best outdoor fitness gear from Country Walking Magazine, the latest gardening equipment from the Garden Answers experts, or even the hottest news on sustainable fashion from the Grazia journalists.

Alongside the experts from our sister brands, our journalists spend hours investigating and researching what products you should spend your hard-earned cash on, based on analysis and customer reviews. Everything we recommend we would absolutely buy ourselves (and probably already have, in many cases) – consider us your shopaholic friends who try it before you buy it. We know what matters to you because it matters to us.

Find out more about how we test products.

Do you make affiliate commissions?

We work with a variety of affiliate partnerships and we may receive a commission for purchases made through our links, however, we choose our recommended products independently of whether they are sold by an affiliate retailer. Our priority is recommending the best product, first and foremost. Any affiliate commission earned is due to that retailer offering affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

How does this impact your editorial work?

Our affiliate partnerships do not impact the product choices we make or the reviews we write. There is no pressure on our editorial team to choose particular products or brands; we won’t never recommend a product that we don’t believe in.

How do you choose which brands to feature?

We regularly feature Amazon, because they have a massive range of products and are quite often the cheapest retailer on the internet. We also appreciate their levels of customer service, and we know how many of our readers already have an account with them, making the shopping experience seamless.

We are always on the lookout for the cheapest prices though, and will link to other household brand names when they have a product not available on Amazon, but whose customer service we can also trust in.

Our expert advice

We carefully select experts who possess relevant qualifications and credentials in their respective fields, ensuring that they bring valuable insights and expertise to our audience. Our experts are expected to maintain independence, objectivity, and transparency in their contributions to Yours, providing unbiased recommendations based on evidence-based research and their expertise.

Always seek the advice of your doctor or your health care provider for professional medical advice. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that have read on this site or in any linked materials.

Legal Disclaimer: This site provides general information and discussions about medical/health and related subjects. The information and other content provided on this site, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.


Our community

We love to share the latest news and our content with readers on our social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. We'd also love you to join the Yours Book Club where each month we read and discuss our book of the month with fellow bookworms.