How we test

You may have noticed that we have a lot of shopping content on, all with the aim of helping you save time and make the best purchases at the best prices possible. Scroll down to find out more about how we choose products and the processes we follow.

Do we physically test every product we feature on our website?

From heated airers to mascara and air fryers, we cover a lot of different product categories on Yours and as a result, we are unable to test every product included. That said, we only include products that deserve to be featured in our articles and we are confident in this by relying on our years of industry experience and knowledge.

Can manufacturers pay for a positive review?

Although we work with a select number of commercial partners on advertorials (which are always clearly labelled), no brand or manufacturer can pay for a positive review and nor will they ever be able to. We will always be honest in our opinion, including if we dislike a product. It is imperative to us that we do not recommend products that we would not spend money on ourselves.

Reviews Editor Emily GIlbert tests the Dyson Airwrap ©Emily Gilbert

How we test products

Before we publish our reviews, we put the products through a rigorous testing period of at least three weeks. This ensures that our testers thoroughly evaluate the product's performance in their everyday life before we even consider recommending it to you. Throughout this period, our testers assess various aspects such as safety, user-friendliness, comfort, affordability and more, We do this to help you determine if the product is a worthwhile investment for you personally.

Who tests the products?

The products we have reviewed on are tested by both the experienced journalists on the editorial teams of our website and magazine as well as freelance journalists and external reviewers who read (and love!) Yours. We will always strive to match the most suitable individual to each product, so you won't find an 18-year-old testing out an anti-ageing cream here!

How we select products

Our product suggestions stem from the expertise of our seasoned editorial team and product specialists. Whenever possible, we collaborate with suitable experts to provide you with accurate guidance paired with the perfect product.

In instances where we can't physically test a product ourselves, we meticulously choose items from trusted brands. We delve into reviews, forums, and real-life experiences to ensure that every product we recommend is reliable and worthy of your cash.

Sodastream Spirit review

Product pricing

Once our curated selections are made, we use a third-party platform that diligently scans the vast expanse of the web to gather prices from various suppliers for each chosen product. This allows us to present you with the most current pricing information and the best place to buy from. While some of these retailers provide us with a commission, which in turn supports our work when you make a purchase, our primary commitment is to ensure you secure the most advantageous deal.

Our system operates on a principle that places product excellence at the forefront. Subsequently, the choice of retailer follows suit, determined by who can offer you the most competitive price. This approach ensures our product recommendations remain impartial and unaffected by any retail biases.

For 50 years, Yours has put its readers at the heart of everything we do and we know that in return, you reward us with unprecedented levels of loyalty, trust and engagement. We offer highly relevant, trusted and useful advice, whether it’s to help you look your best with gorgeous clothes, stay healthy and active with fitness buys or to enjoy your free time.