10 ways to save water and save money

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With the cost of living spiralling, we're all looking for ways to beat price rises on everything including our energy bills and our water consumption. From free water-saving devices for your home to investing in a water butt, you’ll be surprised to learn that even making a few small changes could help preserve both the environment and your bank balance.

Store a bottle of tap water in the fridge

Alternatively, what about using a water jug? This way you won’t need to leave the tap running while you wait for the water to turn cold. You could save more than ten litres a day by doing this.

Use your dishwasher more

A fully loaded dishwasher is likely to use less water than washing up in the sink, according to Friends of the Earth.

Choose the small flush

If you have a newer toilet, use the small flush rather than the large one as toilet flushing accounts for 20 per cent of UK household water usage. If you have an older loo, fit it with a water displacement device in the cistern to reduce water use. Many water companies will provide and fit these for free.

Have a speedier shower

Reducing your daily shower time by just two minutes will save more than 100l of water every week.

Swap shower heads

Place a 2l container on your shower base. If it takes less than 12 seconds to fill when the shower’s running on full, a water-saving shower head (from hardware shops and online) could save you around £38 a year gas and £53 in water if you have a manually operated shower. Electric showers only heat the water you need, while power showers are the worst for water saving.

Don't over fill the kettle

When you use the kettle to make a hot drink, only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need, rather than all the way to the top. You'll save water and save energy pls won't have to wait as long for your drink.

Reuse pasta water

Instead of pouring your cooking water down the drain, store it in a pot and leave to cool. then use it to water your plants and pots.

Fix the drip

Got a dripping tap? Get it fixed as this can waste 15l of water a day, or 5,500l of water a year!

Turn off the tap when brushing teeth

This can save you up to 6l of water per minute. A family of four can save up to £100 off their annual water bill by not leaving the tap running

Buy a water butt

Not only will a water butt provide you with an eco-friendly way to water your plants but it can also end up saving you some money too when it comes to the water bill.

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