Life at 60 revealed!

The average 60-something prefers Antiques Roadshow to Strictly Come Dancing, favours The Beatles over the Rolling Stones and has an income of just over £20,000 a year, according to new research.

Researchers found that, while many people of this age are financially settled having paid off their mortgage health worries outweigh anything else for 62 per cent.

Despite exercising three times a week, more than half of those in their sixties suffer from back pain, a third have high blood pressure and 28 per cent get regular headaches.

The study of 1,800 adults aged 60 to 69 is the latest in a series of reports from Nationwide Building Society looking at the financial and social life of different age groups.

Money in your 60s

It shows the average 60-something has approximately £338 of disposable income each month, which is spent on one night in the pub, an evening at a restaurant and a couple of days out with the family. Seven in 10 people aged 60 and over live in the house they purchased at the average age of 28 – and 60 per cent have completely paid off the mortgage. One in five are still renting.

A third of those polled are still in employment, with two in five still working an average of 36 hours a week. Six in 10 people have retired. Respondents of this age group are relatively debt free – owing just £1,789 across credit cards, overdraft and loans, excluding any mortgage payments, and £3,335.60 with.

The findings show those that do drive are most likely to travel around in a Ford Focus or Fiesta.

Entertainment in your 60s

When it comes to entertainment, in addition to a rather modest social life, 60-somethings watch 13 hours of television each week – sitting down to enjoy Midsomer Murders or Coronation Street, and will still watch old episodes of Morecombe and Wise.

Classic movies such as Grease and Shirley Valentine appeal most to people in this age category, as well as Singin’ in the Rain, Jaws and Ben-Hur. In terms of music, older artists such as The Beatles and ABBA still feature highly on playlists, but modern super-star Adele is also loved by many.

Relationships in your 60s

Three quarters of 60-somethings are in a relationship, the average length of which is 31 years. In addition to their spouse, 24 per cent of people live with a dog, while the same percentage has a cat.

Money concerns

Although health fears dominate the list of things which worry people aged 60 and over – unsurprising given the list of common ailments which includes sleepless nights, stress and cholesterol – money does continue to be a cause for concern.

Sadly for one in five 60-somethings their annual income is less than £10,000 a year, and one in 10 have no disposable income to play with at all. A further third of those polled have less than £100 a month to spend on themselves, and as such one in 10 have considered downsizing their home to make life more affordable. Three in 10 people of this age wish they had saved more money early on – 13 per cent of those over 60 have under £100 in savings, while one in five have less than £500 put away. While 22 per cent wish they’d put more into a pension when they'd had the chance.

A third of those in their sixties constantly worry about helping their children and grandchildren financially, while a quarter fret about paying the bills.

Regrets in your 60s

When it comes to regretting past actions, 36 per cent wish they'd travelled more when they were younger, while a quarter would have liked to have done more exercise.

A fifth regret the fact they've lost touch with relatives and friends, and 12 per cent say they should have spent more time with their family. Interestingly, 16 per cent will always feel some sadness about a lost love – someone they met and let get away.

Happily, a quarter of adults aged 60 to 69 have absolutely no regrets about their life so far. See more of the results in the inforgraph below.