How to contact your MP about State Pension age changes

How to contact your MP about State Pension age changes

If you've been affected by the State Pension age change, you might want to contact your local MP.

WASPI have provided a draft letter for you to copy (just highlight and copy and paste into a word document)

Find out who your local MP is here

Dear (Mr/Mrs/Ms xxxxx)

I am writing to complain about the amount of notice I was given in relation to the increase in State Pension age.  I received a letter in [insert date] when I was [insert number of years] years away from my anticipated receipt of my State Pension at 60 years.  [If you didn’t get a letter then say that and say how you eventually found out]

I believe that the DWP is guilty of maladministration in the way the changes have been introduced.  My complaint centres on the fact that I did not receive clear, complete, consistent and accurate information relating to my State Pension.  Clear evidence of the maladministration and inaccurate communication was publicly exposed on the government website itself, which still had 60 as the retirement age for women as recently as February 2016.  

Further, I did not receive adequate notice of the changes.  I do not believe that the DWP stuck to its own standards in this instance i.e. to give 10 years or more notice of changes in relation to pension changes.  As a consequence, I have been affected in the following ways:

I have suffered a loss of approximately (insert number of years) years of my State Pension. It is far too late for me to take action that can restore me to the position I understood I would be in financially. 

I have suffered an injustice through an inability to make informed choices or to take remedial action, for example, I could have tried to [ obtain employment in a less physically exhausting role ]/[ not accepted redundancy ]/ [ early retirement ]/[give own action you could have taken] had I been made aware of the changes

Please understand that I’m not complaining about the change of the State Pension age, rather the lack of notice of the change.

I’m also concerned that when questions are asked in Parliament about this issue the answer always refers to a small adjustment made in the time scale for raising the State Pension Age for both men and women in 2011, while ignoring the fact that the 1995 Act has meant that many women born in the 50’s are waiting up to an extra six years for their State Pension, with little or no notice.

I would like to hear from you how you can take action to right this injustice for 1950s women.  There is an APPG with Carolyn Harris MP as Chair and I would like you to contribute to their efforts.  I would appreciate it if you would take up this matter with the Pensions Minister and ensure that he understands that the wait has not been 18months, rather it has been years.

I can confirm I am a constituent of (insert name of constituency) and set out my address below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,