Churches introduce electronic payments for donations

 Churches introduce electronic payments for donations

As we discussed in a recent issue of Yours, cheque payments are almost extinct now, and in addition, more people are opting for electronic payments instead of paying with cash. Now, the church are choosing to take electronic payments for donations too due to an increasing amount of people finding themselves without physical cash. 


The Church of England is making portable card readers available to more than 16,000 churches, cathedrals and religious sites in a bid to make donations faster and easier for congregations in an increasingly cashless society. 

The card readers can take contactless payments via cards, Apple Pay and Google pay on phones as well as chip and pin transactions, as an alternative way of taking donations. 


During a trial of 40 churches last year, 500 transactions were taken before the reader device needed charging. However, most of the donations were still paid using cash. 

John Preston, national stewardship officer at the Church of England, said: "There is a clear need for our parishes to introduce card and contactless facilities and we are excited to make this available. "How we pay for things is changing fast, especially for younger church-goers who no longer carry cash, and we want all generations to be able to make the most of their place of worship."