5 reasons to switch car insurance

5 reasons to switch car insurance

If your car insurance deal is coming to an end, you may be tempted to stick with your current insurer and not shop around for a better deal. Although this is the easiest way of staying insured, you could save yourself hundreds of pounds by comparing insurers. Take a look at these top tips from Mustard on how to switch car insurance to get the best deal for you.

1. Loyalty doesn't pay

Insurers don't reward loyalty, so don't let your policy auto renew or you could be paying hundreds of pounds more than you need to, especially if you've stuck with the same provider for a number of years. The best way to get a good deal on cover is to use a car insurance comparison website. You enter your details once and get a range of quotes from a wide selection of insurers. You can then compare the cover and the excess (the amount you agree to pay in the event of a claim) offered by each policy offer and buy the best deal for you online.

2. Premiums are rising

Car insurance is on the up with a typical annual premium costing £585. Two increases to Insurance Premium Tax over this year have added a further £18 to a policy, plus the continuing whiplash small injury claims epidemic continues to dog the motor insurance industry and add around £93 to a premium. This is where drivers are pressured into making claims for often minor collisions they might have forgotten about and insurers can't prove the injury wasn't suffered. So cap spiralling prices by switching!

3. Older drivers are facing higher premiums

Even older drivers, generally considered as safer, are seeing higher price rises at over 15 per cent this year says new research. When premiums are rising there is no excuse not to shop around. Several insurers specialise in offering cover to older drivers, typically from age 50, however these might not necessarily be the best option, so use a comparison website to cast your net wider.

4. Your circumstances have changed

Make sure your insurer has your correct details. For example, tell your insurer if you've retired and no longer need cover for driving to and from work. You may also be doing less annual mileage. You could save money if you've married and added a spouse to your policy if he or she is a safe driver. You may have moved house to a statistically safer postcode or bought a less powerful car. All these factors could mean you pay less for your cover when you come to renew.

5. Unhappy with your current provider

If you're fed up with bad customer service, then move when your policy comes up for renewal. Why give money to a company you're unhappy with. NFU Mutual, Swinton and Royal & Sun Alliance topped a recent customer satisfaction poll.

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