10 old-fashioned money-saving tips to use today

10 old-fashioned money-saving tips to use today

These timeless tips remain as useful and cash saving today as they were decades ago - and Granny would approve. Give these a whirl!

1. Foraging for food

Not only is foraging for fruits and vegetables a great way to save money off your food shop, it’s also a great family activity. Check out the hedgerows for juicy blackberries and look higher up for tasty apple trees. Try this delicious Blackberry and apple frangipane recipe

2. Coupon cutting

Coupons can still be an important way to trim some money off your spending. Always keep a stash of them in your home, as you never know when they will come in handy. Save even more money with the latest discount codes

3. Selling at car-boot sales

There’s always a bargain to be had at a car boot. Make sure you arrive early and are ready to haggle, and you could be coming away with some real bargains. Top tips for making money at car-boot sales

4. Grow your own fruits and vegetables

Growing your own produce in the garden is not only a satisfying way to get your fruit and veg but also saves you from buying them for hiked prices at the supermarket. It may be too late to start growing for the summer, but get planting soon and you could have a wide range of winter veg ready for the colder months. Here's all you need to know about allotments

5. Mending your clothes

Nowadays we’re likely to fix our hole-filled garments by going shopping to replace them. This of course can cost a bundle, so why not get your sewing kit out and mend any holes, sew on the buttons and darn your socks. If the item seem irreparable, why not customise and turn it into something different. Then have a go at making this campervan cushion

6. Hand washing your clothes

Your washing machine roughly uses about 50p worth of electricity for a one hour wash, so doing two loads a week for a year would cost you an average of £52. Try the old-fashioned approach and wash your clothes by hand to help cut back on these costs. Top tips on taking care of your laundry

7. Be resourceful

Before you throw something in the bin, think first about whether you could upcycle or reuse that product for something else. If you’re creative about how you repurpose your old junk, you can save yourself from blowing cash on something new. Try 11 surprising uses for old loo-roll tubes

8. Charity shopping

Another timeless way to save money and beat the high street is to shop in charity and thrift stores. A helpful tip is to always ask staff if any new stock has recently come in, as this will get you a leg up on the best deals ahead of other customers. How to make the most of your charity donations.

9. Fatten up your piggy bank

Getting an old fashioned piggy bank to store any small change in is a great way to save up coins that otherwise might’ve been spent on smaller purchases. Wait until it is full, and if lucky you may well have saved enough money to splash out on something extravagant. Try these 5 easy ways to fatten your piggy bank!

10. Ditch your card for cash

Having your card on you means you run the risk of burning through your money by making quick contactless purchases. Take out all the cash you need at the start of the week and leave your card at home, as you’ll be more likely to spend frugally without it. How a healthy lifestyle can improve your cashflow

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