How to get the spark back in your relationship

How to get the spark back in your relationship
  • MagicFM radio presenter Angie Greaves offers her expert advice:


Remember those times when your loved one used to do those sweet little things that made you all weak in the knees? Even if they don't happen often, it's worth making a big deal over it when he does something nice. Everyone likes to be appreciated.
Try to remember why you fell in love with him in the first place. Be quick to see the positives instead of focusing on the negatives. What you put under the magnifying glass sticks out… instead of always seeing the flaws, think on the amazing attributes of your partner.

Learn (and speak) their love language 

These days so much focus is placed on sex, especially erotic sex in our relationships. Instead, look for those things, little things, that your partner does specifically that puts the butterflies back in your tummy. Identifying and acknowledging that certain look, the way he wears a certain outfit, how they complement you or that fantastic dinner they made just for you is where it’s at.

Turn it off to get turned on 

An inattentive audience can eat away at the confidence of the performer. Likewise, your lack of attention can siphon the life out of your partner’s passion. Be attentive, remember: If you want love then give love. Turn off the telly, disconnect from the internet, unplug from the rest of the world and give your undivided attention to the one you love. There is no better Valentine gift than this.

REAL time 

Household chores, grocery shopping, or even doing something with your grandchildren are all activities we frequently confuse with 'together time'. They’re not. ‘REAL’ time is doing something not because you have to… but because you choose to. Anyone and everyone groans when they have a chore list. Don’t put your relationship on that list. Do something together that is pure pleasure for the both of you.


People love to talk about themselves, and a sure fire way of developing a relationship is to listen actively. Yes it’s fabulous that you want to share all your amazing achievements but your partner needs someone to listen to them too! Try for one night to focus on the greatness of your sweetheart and you’ll be showered with gratitude. Remove any physical barriers, set down whatever you’re doing, make eye contact, nod your head, and listen. This will make them feel important. Remember… you get what you give.  You’ll have your moment to shine, make your partner feel shiny and special too.

Stop being a critic

Your partner will avoid and eventually resent you, if you are constantly criticising him. If you want your partner to change something then you need to do it first. Truth is, people are more willing to do or copy a desired behaviour if you’re modelling it for them. Other people, including your honey, will watch what you do more than listen to what you say.


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