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In general, dogs like to stay by your side, but if they do wander, a GPS tracker will help you find them. If you let your dog off the lead when you go for a walk, there is always the worry that they might get lost or run too far and it will give you peace of mind to be able to always know where they are. Like a flea collar, they can be worn, to keep your pet safe and well without bothering your dog.

It might be that you have a little escape artist on your hands, who constantly finds a way to get out of the gate, or dig under the fence and so a GPS tracker is handy for keeping track of them and making sure they are safe. Sadly, it is also becoming increasingly common to hear about dog thefts, and while a GPS tracker can be removed, it could prove useful in pointing you in the right direction, or helping you locate your missing pet. Also if you have an anxious dog, they may panic and run further when looking for you, so like other products for dogs, such as anti-anxiety beds which help keep them calm, a GPS tracker gives you both peace of mind that you will find each other.

Best dog GPS trackers at a glance

Best overall GPS tracker for dogs: Tractive GPS Dog Tracker - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best GPS tracker for small dogs: Weenect XS - Buy now on Weenect
Best subscription free GPS tracker for dogs: PitPat Dog GPS Tracker - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best budget GPS tracker for dogs: PAJ GPS PET FINDER - Buy now on Amazon UK

GPS trackers for dogs are comfortable for your pet to wear and can be attached to their collar simply and securely. They are often quite discreet and lightweight. Some even provide health information such as daily activity to ensure your pet is getting enough exercise and sleep.

Most will require a monthly subscription fee to allow you to track your dog in real time and also access any location history. However, there are lots to choose from that vary in battery life, subscription, weight, tracking distance and style, so we have rounded up the best to make it easier for you.

Best dog GPS trackers 2024

Best overall GPS dog tracker

Price: $49.99

With worldwide coverage, the Tractive GPS dog tracker will keep your furry friend safe wherever they are. We like that you can set up escape alerts which will notify you if your dog leaves a designated safe area. It also keeps track of your dog's health and lets you know about their sleep quality and activity patterns. It will create a wellness score and also notify you if something seems unusual. Plus, we are impressed that it offers up to ten days battery life. One customer said that the tracking is very accurate and they liked that the device plays a whistle sound you can activate on the app so you can hear where your dog is, plus they were pleased with the light which means you can see your dog at night. Although testers reported that the battery runs out quickly for more active dogs, they were pleased with how quickly it recharges. This is a durable tracker and customers said it is waterproof and can withstand lots of mud and water without any ill effects.


  • Offers health information
  • Worldwide coverage


  • The more active the dog, the quicker the battery runs out

Best GPS tracker for small dogs

Weenect GPS tracker for dogsWeenect

This is one of the smallest GPS trackers for dogs on the market, which means it is ideal for smaller breeds. We love that there is no distance limit and so you can track your dog wherever you are. Plus being 5G compatible it provides second by second live locations. Our testers liked the ability to do recall training by making the tracker ring or vibrate when it's dinner time and also that you can set up an unlimited number of boundary fences to keep your dog safe and alert you if they escape, however, they did comment that it works better in areas where there is a strong mobile phone signal. That said one customer commented that even though her dog likes to explore a good distance from them on walks, the tracker still picks her up and has been very helpful. It is important to ensure you are in areas where there is mobile signal though, otherwise it does not work well.


  • 5G compatible
  • Second by second GPS location
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • More accurate with mobile phone signal

Best subscription free GPS dog tracker

While this might be initially more pricey than other dog GPS trackers, the benefit is that it is a one-off payment and there are no further subscription fees on a monthly basis. The GPS tracker works in the UK and across Europe too, so you can feel secure your dog is safe even when travelling. We like that it doesn't rely on Bluetooth or WiFi and it is reliable, plus it boasts wireless charging. Testers love that it is vet recommended and you can set exercise and sleep goals for your dog, to ensure they stay healthy. However, testers did say that the device does not track your dog when inside a house. One reviewer, with a small Jack Russell, said the tracker is comfortable for their dog to wear but some reviewers have reported it is slow to load the map to track your pet.


  • No subscription fee
  • Wireless charging


  • Map is slow to load

Best budget GPS dog tracker

For peace of mind, this tracker has it all at a low price. It will keep track of your dog using GPS but also 4G network connection. Plus, we love that it holds 365 days tracking history as well as alerts you if your dog leaves designated safe zones and a signal to tell you the battery is low. Some testers thought it was a bit heavier than others on the market, but it is still quite small. The main frustration was to do with the battery, which while it offers 5 days of battery life, testers found very slow to charge. We like that it is waterproof so suitable even for water loving dogs and also it has an indoor tracking function so you can find your dog even if they are inside.


  • Alerts if safety zones are breached
  • 365 days tracking history
  • Collar and accessories included


  • Heavier than others at 32g
  • Slow to charge

Best dog GPS tracker for indoor tracking

Tack GPS trackerAmazon
Price: $79.00

If you are worried about your dog getting stuck inside anywhere, then this tracker is great for indoor tracking with indoor elevation finder. Our testers loved the 30-day battery life and said it really does last well, however, some were disappointed with the app which was too simple and lacked information. The tracker is small and lightweight so great for small dogs which we like as well as low cost subscription which offers the first 30 days free. Some testers thought it could be more accurate, but it doesn't rely on Bluetooth technology which they liked.


  • Indoor tracking function
  • Long battery life


  • App too simple

Best dog GPS tracker for worldwide coverage

Track PetAmazon
Price: $18.88

This GPS tracker offers excellent coverage, all over the world which means you can take your dog anywhere safe in the knowledge you will know where they are if they get lost, or disorientated in a new place. That said, reviewers did report that the battery was not very reliable and in some cases only lasted two hours, while others thought the accuracy of the GPS could be better. We like the value for money with this product, with it being one of the cheaper GPS trackers for dogs on the market, however, customers said the clip on the collar is quite flimsy and on occasion did snap. We are impressed by some of the functions it offers, including, chase mode and community ring. Chase mode provides instant 5 second updates if your pet gets lost so you can keep track on their location, and community ring is extremely useful because it lets you connect to friends and neighbours to help you find your pet. This is a subscription tracker, but the cost per month is low and there are different options.


  • Great coverage
  • Includes 'chase mode'
  • 'Community ring' feature


  • Some reviewers didn't think GPS was very accurate
  • Flimsy collar clip

Are GPS trackers worth it for dogs?

It is easy to see why a GPS tracker for a cat is useful, but why do dogs need them? You might think that a GPS tracker for dogs is unnecessary, after all they are often on leads or a dog harness. Normally at some point on a walk you might let your dog off the lead and they can wander too far, also if you are on holiday in an unfamiliar area, then they might get disorientated or lost. Dogs like to be near us, but some are little explorers and if they get out of the garden then a GPS tracker will help you find them. You know your dog and how adventurous they can be, but even a dog who hates to leave home, might one day get lost and need a bit of help to find you and that is where a GPS tracker is so useful for dogs.

How accurate are GPS trackers?

GPS trackers are normally very accurate and will not only detail the location of your pet but update their, possibly, constantly moving location in real time. Tractivesay that GPS is normally accurate within 8metres. However, do bear in mind that GPS doesn't always work inside a property so if your dog gets shut in somewhere, you might not pinpoint their exact location.

Do you have to pay a subscription?

There are trackers which are subscription free, and if they are GPS trackers this will normally mean that the initial purchase price is considerably higher. However, there are also trackers which are cheaper to buy and do not need a subscription either. Check if these are GPS, or if they use Bluetooth or phone signal, like an AirTag or luggage tracker. While these are great in areas where there are lots of phones, such as more built up areas, they are not as accurate or reliable when out in the countryside where there will be less phone signals.

Are GPS trackers harmful to dogs?

No, they are safe to use. PAJ GPS say that trackers are not harmful to dogs and there are no adverse side effects when they wear them. Typically they are lightweight and small enough that they don't cause any discomfort and most will be suitable for all breeds. We all want to keep our pets safe, and a GPS tracker is a good way to ensure you know where your dog is, as well as monitoring health data, without any risk.

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