Sound in visitors with the best wireless doorbell

Choose the best wire-free doorbell to suit your style, budget or security needs.

Wireless doorbell

by Eleanor Weaver |

Getting a wireless doorbell is a great addition for your front door, especially to chime in visitors and up your security. Smart home technology has taken over the market and now we're diving into the best wireless doorbells you can get your hands on.

There are many affordable options available that come with built-in cameras, motion detectors and phone connectivity so no matter where you are, you can see who is at your front door. Super savvy!

Not only is it portable, so you can put your doorbell and chimes anywhere you like, but it's super easy to install. With these smart doorbells, there are no unsightly wires, drilling or any need to get it professionally installed.

Therefore, we've found the best wireless doorbells which are packed with the best features to give you a doorbell that goes above and beyond.

The best wireless doorbells UK 2022

Verdict: The best wireless doorbell

The Ring wireless doorbells take the crown for us, packing sound and security in the one doorbell. While they might be a little pricier than some options on this list, they have their benefits. With flexibility, convenience, built-in rechargeable batteries, instant notifications, improved video and motion detection quality.

Things to look out for when buying a wireless doorbell:

Some doorbells can boast their features but it's worth being wary of what is a unique feature or a basic element that every smart doorbell should have.

Is it really wireless?

The main thing to be cautious of is if the doorbell is truly wireless. While we were finding the best wireless doorbells on the market, we came across a few that looked promising. However, they were listed as wireless but weren't.

All truly wireless doorbells will be easy to install with provided fixings. If a doorbell requires an electrician to install, it's not a wireless option.

We also found that there are smart cameras and security devices that you can connect to your existing doorbell. While they are wireless, they require a wired doorbell to be in place to work properly.

Is it weatherproof?

Of course it is! A lot of wireless doorbells will boast how weatherproof they are. While some may have waterproof ratings, as standard, all of the best doorbells will be weatherproof to withstand temperatures and climates outside the home.

What do you need?

If you already have a vigorous security system or feel it unnecessary to have a kitted-out doorbell with video, motion detection or app connectivity, a simple chime wireless doorbell might suit you better for what you actually need.

If you have a relative with dementia or Alzheimer's who lives on their own, it's worth considering a video or app-connected wireless doorbell to help keep an eye on any visitors that come to their door.

With the ability to talk through the doorbell system too, you can speak to your loved one or the visitor to explain their condition. This will help give them their privacy whilst making sure they stay safe and cared for.

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