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Smart yet comfortable rarely go hand in hand, but this wardrobe staple ticks all the boxes, according to Fashion Editor Michelle Nightingale.

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Chances are your shoe racks already feature a few pairs of trainers, ones you wear for a workout, a quick grocery run or trainers that you bought for everyday casual wear. But have you considered pairing a set of trainers with your favourite dress? This look is currently having a bit of a 'fashion moment'. For example, Emma Thompson donned hers to collect her Damehood from Prince William. While you wouldn't catch us meeting the royals in them, we like trainers for the comfort and support they give.

There are alsoorthopaedic trainers for special support and slip on trainers if you have any kind of mobility issues. But fashion trainers are an accessory that can really boost your outfit when paired with the right clothes. If you are waiting to try out a gorgeous dress you bought recently, then pairing it with trainers could be just the combination to pull off a dress for a 'not-so-fancy' occasion.

Trainers paired with dresses, jumpsuits and trousers offer comfort and a casual look that is perfect for spring days, picnic dates or garden parties while heels are more suited for classier events happening during evenings like cocktail parties or weddings. Here are our top picks that will take almost any outfit to the next level.

Best fashion trainers at a glance

This look can also help you get the most out of your fancy outfits by wearing them more often and not letting them gather dust waiting for an occasion. Once you have mastered the art of styling them, you'll just need to know how to keep your trainers clean to keep them looking stylish for longer and they can make the perfect fashion statement when paired with your favourite outfit. Not convinced? Read on for our tips on wearing fashion trainers to just about every occasion.

The best fashion trainers

Best overall

Veja Campo Trainers are by far our favourite fashion trainers, as they go with practically everything. The soft colour palette of the shoes look good with most colours and fits. The accented V logos that stand out are chic and can add a look of sophistication to any outfit. The inner lining feels soft and is developed to provide maximum comfort and flexibility with its mesh structure. The shoes come with 100% organic cotton laces and are made with upcycled materials making it a very sustainable and fashionable choice. You've probably spotted a few of these paired with some of the iconic Chelsea Flower Show outfits and this is the sign you have been waiting for to get your own pair!


  • Made with upcycled materials and is therefore sustainable
  • Soft colour of the shoes makes it easy to style and pair with a variety of shades and outfits


  • The body does not come in darker colours if you prefer that

Best white fashion trainers

As far as white trainers go, it is safe to say that Nike’s Air Force 1s have made the biggest visual impact as their most recognisable signature shoes. The all-white design complete with the iconic logo is sleek and neat which makes it a perfect addition to almost any colour and outfit. The simple nature of the design serves to tone down flamboyant prints or fancy dresses if you are looking to dress down. At the same time, the pristine white look of the shoes can elevate an ordinary outfit to a more elegant and classy fit if that is the appeal you are going for. Using a protective spray as soon as unboxing can help you maintain the white sparkle of the shoes for longer. If you are looking for a bolder option, the shoes are also available in a bright fuchsia pink and off-white with pink accents for a more retro look.


  • Easy to style as it is all-white
  • Available in different colours like off-white and pink


  • Might be hard to maintain as it is all-white and would require cleaning more often

Best comfortable fashion trainers

If you consider comfort as important as looking good, then these New Balance 327 trainers are for you. The sleek design with sharp cuts and angles is striking and the silhouette is retro-inspired with the combination of suede. These trainers will turn heads while keeping you comfortable on the move all day long. They are perfect for events where you have to be on your feet for a long time or those which require ample physical activity. Reviews rave about how comfortable these trainers are right from the first wear and they stay that way. Some people advise to be careful with sizes while ordering online, so make sure you know your size for sure before placing your order. So if you are on the hunt for a fashionable, trendy pair of shoes that are easy on your feet, look no further!


  • Available in 35 colours
  • Easy to style
  • Will keep you comfortable for long durations
  • Striking and unique design


  • Some reviewers mention that you need to be sure about your size while ordering online to make sure they fit perfectly

Best fashion trainers with arch support

Best fashion trainers with arch support
Price: $116.28

These Skechers Women's Arch Fit S-Miles Sneakers come with podiatrist certified arch support that will take care of your feet while also looking stylish. The shape of the insole was developed with the help of data collected over the course of 20 years to come up with the perfect design that will offer support and comfort. One customer who has been suffering from high arch and plantar fasciitis has shared that she has not faced any ankle pain or discomfort after using these shoes. 

These lightweight trainers have a streamlined and chiselled look with defined ridges and a subtle dual-tone body. They come in several colours and can be easily styled with a range of outfits from trousers to dresses. The white base is also quite thick which can add to your height if that is something you would like.


  • Helps with ankle pain by offering solid arch support
  • They are lightweight


  • Some reviews mention that the inner lining started wearing out within three months

Best fashion trainers for wide feet 

These Florette Wide Fit Leather Trainers are made with high-quality Indian leathers that come with a smooth finish and they are durable. The design is meant to be comfortable for those with wider feet and makes sure that there is enough breathing space in the front so your toes don’t hurt. They are also foam-padded for underfoot comfort.

Reviews share the same sentiments with one customer mentioning that these shoes are perfect for women whose feet are wider than average like hers. Most people liked the fact that the shoes look sleek and don't appear big and chunky to fit wider feet. Some reviewers felt that it takes some time to break into the shoes as they were quite stiff in the beginning.

The classic black design also makes these trainers a wardrobe staple which can be styled with every possible outfit and colour. These trainers are the best choice if you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that will keep your feet comfortable while also making a chic fashion statement.


  • Comfortable for wide feet
  • Do not appear big or chunky


  • Some reviewers shared that it takes some time to break into the shoes as they are quite stiff during the initial wears

Best budget-friendly fashion trainers 

These white canvas All Star Low Trainers are a classic accessory that can elevate any outfit to a casual chic aesthetic. The white body of the shoes makes it very easy to pair it with any colour or outfit. They would look great with skirts and or shorts as the low rise shoes coupled with the high hems of these fits would nicely flatter your legs, making it perfect for the summer.

Reviewers share how Converses have been their go-to trainers for years and how this pair lives up to their expectations as well. Some people have shared that it could take some time to break into these shoes as they are quite light and do not come with any padding. So this might be something to consider.


  • Comfortable to wear all day
  • Can be styled easily with a range of outfits


  • Some reviews mention that it could take some time to break into these shoes are they are quite light and do not come with any padding

Best slip on fashion trainers

If you are on the hunt for trainers that you can easily slip on hands-free and do not want to bother with the hassle of laces, then these For Keeps Slip On Trainers could be the perfect pair for you. With an elegant design that comes with a touch of sparkle in the back, these trainers can be a great accessory to go with your dressy outfits like gowns, pantsuits or short dresses. You can easily pull off a classy event in a dress or a casual get together in jeans with these trainers.


  • Hassle free as they are slip on and do not have laces


  • They are a bit on the pricier end

Best chunky fashion trainers

Chunky shoes are in vogue and what better time to invest in a nice pair for yourself than when summer is just around the corner.  These shoes would look great with skirts, dresses, shorts or thin trousers that are perfect for the season. The trainers come with a cushioned insole and a rubber outsole for added traction that will keep you comfortable if you are out for a quick run or heading for a day-long event. The material is breathable and durable which will help you cherish these trainers for a long time.


  • Breathable material
  • Comes with a cushioned insole and a rubber outsole for comfort and flexibility


  • It might take some time to get used to these shoes if you are used to slim, compact trainers


What are the best outfits to go with trainers?

Trainers are hugely versatile, stylish and an easy way to bring your outfit up to date.

"I love how they can be worn with anything and are no longer just for casual wear," says award-winning personal stylist Susie Hasler. "I wear mine with midi dresses, jumpsuits and even a tailored suit – they're one of the hardest-working items I have in my wardrobe! They're also particularly great for women who prefer (or have) to wear flat shoes but feel frumpy in more formal styles."

There are some rules, though, as Susie explains: "It's so important to remember these are not trainers to exercise in. Stick to styles that are white or smart metallic shades in the warmer months, while black is more practical in winter. By choosing these shades, you'll find they go with more outfits, too."

Will trainers be flattering for my figure?

If you're new to the trainer trend, then the idea of wearing a heavy trainer with a dress might feel odd initially, but they can be more flattering than you might think.

"Chunky, thicker-soled styles are great for making the legs and ankles look slimmer and to balance out a big tummy," advises Hasler. "I like the Puma Cali, the Adidas Superstar and the Adidas Stan Smith, which all have a timeless appeal."

Lots of high-street brands also have their own cheaper versions, too.

"For slender legs, choose thinner soles like those on classic Converse or Superga trainers."

Sportier styles are available too and are just as stylish, plus can give a little extra support. Our advice is to stick to neutral shades so they don't look like gym shoes.

How to keep trainers white?

If you're wearing them a lot, you'll need to know how best to wash your trainers. White trainers rarely stay their dazzling shade, but this clever trick is great for tacking grubby canvas or leather-look shoes. Start by wiping them over with a damp cloth. Apply a white toothpaste to an old toothbrush and massage in. Leave for ten minutes before wiping away any paste with a clean damp cloth or sponge.


What are some trainers worn by celebs?

Emma Thompson1 of 3

Emma Thompson

Joanna Lumley2 of 3

Joanna Lumley

Duchess of Cambridge3 of 3

Duchess of Cambridge

Trained to perfection: Emma Thompson wore Adidas Stan Smith-style trainers to collect her Damehood; Joanna Lumley goes for Converse-style kicks, and the Duchess of Cambridge sticks to her faithful Superga trainers.

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