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Yes, you read that right – rugs you can pop in the washing machine. And they’re beautiful.

It’s fair to say most of us would assume we can’t just stuff a rug in a washing machine. And with most of them, you can’t. But Ruggable have a whole host of rugs for every room in the house – and outdoors – and all of them are machine washable.

I used to have a lovely rug in my living room. Then I had babies, who turned into toddlers, who turned into hulking great teenagers who somehow made more mess than they did when they were small.

Over the years, the rug took more than its fair share of wear and tear, including soggy biscuits, spilled juice, muddy football boots, and even red wine (that last one might have been me). Although I always tried to mop up spills and clean stains, it eventually looked so splotchy and stained that no spot cleaner, carpet cleaneror even the rug doctor could restore it to its former glory.

Ruggable Bridgerton inspired rug

Our favourite Ruggable washable rugs at a glance

Best rug for a living room: Morris & Co. Simply Severn Soft Pink Rug – from Buy now on Ruggable

Best rug for a dining room: Morris & Co. Wilhelmina Weave Natural Tufted Rug – from Buy now on Ruggable

Best rug for a large hallway: Bridgerton Royal Garden Multicolour Rug – from Buy now on Ruggable

Best rug for a child's room or playroom: Iris Apfel Jingle Jungle Rug - from Buy now on Ruggable

How does a Ruggable washable rug work?

Ruggable rugs are made up of two component parts – there’s an easy to clean, non-slip rug pad that sits against the floor. This is made of the same latex-free material used in yoga mats, so it’s soft and cushiony. Then the rug design sits on top – and that’s the bit you can put in the washing machine.

When you get your Ruggable rug delivered, you simply lay out the rug pad in your desired location, then unroll the rug cover on top. The cover is designed to sit neatly on top of the pad – all you need to do is smooth out any wrinkles and away you go.

Ruggable have a large collection of washable rugs on their website, and you can search by size, colour, or style. Some are designed with specific areas in mind, such as hallways, children’s rooms or the kitchen. There’s even an outdoor range which is water resistant – great for decking or patios in the summer. All of them are eye-catching and attractive that it was very hard to pick our favourites, but we’ve tried to round them up below.

Best rug for a living room

We love the warmth and softness of this rug. The colour is comforting and inviting, but not overpowering, which is why we think it's great for a living room. It won't dominate the space, but it will elevate it, and the elegant, detailed design really showcases William Morris' talent.


Best rug for a dining room

The neutral tones of this rug is perfect for a dining room - especially if you have a dark wood table to stand in the middle of it. As well as the natural colour shown here, it also comes in ivory and blue. We love the trailing pattern of honeysuckle and clematis.

Yes, it's light in colour but if there are any Sunday dinnertime spills, you can just pop it in the wash.

Best rug for a large hallway

We are completely smitten with all of the Ruggable Bridgerton inspired range, and this rug is a particular stand out. This regency-inspired range draws its influence form the hit Netflix show, and features floral focused designs

Like nearly all the Ruggable rugs, this one comes in rectangular, round, or runner shapes, and we think it's perfect for a large, airy hallway.

Best rug for a child's bedroom or playroom

Furniture designer Iris Apfel collects miniature animal figurines, and that collection gave her the inspiration for this beautiful rug. We think it's perfect for a child or grandchild's bedroom, no matter their gender or age.

It's striking, bright and fun, and will instantly cheer any space up. And let's face it, if you're going to have a washable rug anywhere, you want it where small children will be present!

Best rug for the kitchen

There's something really homely and welcoming about this design - its warm tones and beautiful floral pattern evoke memories of a country cottage and happy times spent baking with my grandma. The traditional pattern will match well with most kitchen decor, and of course, the fact that it's washable is a big plus for a kitchen rug.

Best rug for outdoors

Yes, you read that right - an outdoor rug. This has a water-resistant barrier and is extra durable, resistant to mold and mildew.

You don't need to worry if you accidentally leave it out in a rain storm, or if the ketchup spills at a barbecue, because you can of course, throw it in the washing machine. This rug is perfect for patio or decking, and it's ideal if you've got little feet stepping out of a paddling pool like we have all summer. You can also switch the pad underneath to use it indoors.

Best rug for a bathroom

This beautiful floral bath mat is designed to be extra-absorbent and soft under foot, making it perfect as you step out of the shower. As with all Ruggable rugs, the mat can be used with any of the bath rug tops, so you can change them as required.

Pros and cons of Ruggable rugs

Pro: Machine washable

Pro: Top part (the rug) is interchangeable -once you own the bottom mat, the possibilities are endless

Pro: So many beautiful, quality designs to choose from

Pro: Rugs come in multiple different sizes, shapes and finishes (tufted or flat)

Con: They're an investment rather than an off-the cuff purchase, but we do feel they're worth it

Con: You need a washing machine with a large capacity if you've got a large rug

Ruggable rugs FAQ's

What's so special about Ruggable rugs?

Ruggable rugs are a two-part system - the bottom non-slip mat is easy to clean, and that stays in place. The top is the actual fabric part, and that comes off for machine washing. Ruggable's cling-effect technology means the top and bottom stay together making the whole thing non-slip.

Can you vacuum Ruggable rugs?

Yes! You can of course wash the top of the rug, but if you'd rather, you can vacuum it just like you would your hard wood floor or low-pile carpet.

How do I dry the Ruggable cover?

You can either pop it in the tumble dryer on a low heat, or line-dry it. The best way to dry it will depend on what type of rug you buy.

Do Ruggable rug tops curl up?

No - they're designed to cling to the mat underneath and some styles have pockets in the corners, which are essentially weighted to hold the top in place.

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