Our pick of the best kettles for hard water areas

Stop those pesky limescale flakes infiltrating your tea with the best kettles for the job.

Limescaled kettle

by Eleanor Weaver |

In the UK, most of us live in a hard water area and have had to deal with limescale across our homes - so we've made it our mission to find the best kettle for hard water areas.

Nothing takes the biscuit more than rogue flakes slipping into your tea or coffee from your kettle, turning that beloved brew into a less-appetising and unplanned infusion.

We've found the best kettles for hard water so you can get a clean and clear cup of Joe every time.

What to look for in the best kettles for hard water


Filtration is important for stopping any limescale residue from entering your drink - no one likes to see those flakes floating in your tea or coffee! There are two key filtration methods available; reusable mesh filters and cartridge filter technology.

Reusable, mesh, anti-limescale filters are the most cost-effective option. The filter sits near the spout, stopping the limescale from escaping and can be removed, cleaned and reused with any build-up.

Cartridge filter technology is more advanced and works to eliminate the build-up of limescale in the kettle too as it'll filter and boil at the same time. This option is great if you prefer the taste of soft water, filtered water in general or are looking for crystal clear water cleansed of any impurities.

While you may be guaranteed a cleaner, clearer cuppa, it's worth considering that the cartridges will come with a higher cost for replacement and the built-in filtration system will reduce the water capacity of your kettle - you're likely to get fewer cups out of one boil which might mean running the kettle multiple times for larger, tea-loving families.

Concealed heating element

Having an exposed heating element in the body of your kettle can make cleaning it more difficult as you'll have to try to navigate around it to remove limescale residue. As the heating element isn't removable, this could be a tricky job for any super stubborn limescale. An exposed heating element is also likely to collect limescale easily which can increase the build-up of limescale residue in your kettle.

By choosing a kettle with a hidden heating element, the residue won't have extra components to grip, helping to reduce any build-up.

Electric kettle

Electric kettles typically boil quicker than stove-top kettles, which gives the limescale less opportunity to form. We've also found that in a lot of anti-limescale electric kettles, they'll come with a quick boil too to help reduce this further, as well as deliver your cup of tea or coffee in no time at all!

We’ve listed some great kettles you can buy with a mix of filtration options to suit your budgets and needs.

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What is hard water?

60 per cent of the UK has hard water, but what exactly is it?

'Hard water' is created in the sourcing process across regions where water seeps through soft, sedimentary rocks like limestone, sandstone, and chalk resulting in water with high mineral content.

In comparison, soft water doesn't have these collected minerals as the water has percolated through less porous, metamorphic rocks without dissolving the chemical compounds.

You're more likely to find soft water in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and hard water across the UK, especially in the South East of England.

Because of the high mineral content, hard water can leave behind a chalky residue known as limescale.

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Is it safe to use a kettle with limescale?

Yes, it's perfectly safe for you and in fact, research suggests that it could be good for you with the heightened mineral levels helping to fulfil your calcium and magnesium intake. Good levels of calcium can help promote strong bones, regulate muscle contractions and make sure your blood clots normally. {#h-yes-it-s-perfectly-safe-for-you-and-in-fact-research-suggests-that-it-could-be-good-for-you-with-the-heightened-mineral-levels-helping-to-fulfil-your-calcium-and-magnesium-intake-good-levels-of-calcium-can-help-promote-strong-bones-regulate-muscle-contractions-and-make-sure-your-blood-clots-normally}

While it might be safe for you, it isn't such good news for your kettle.

Limescale build-up can reduce the lifespan of your kettle, which is why it's important to clean and descale regularly to get the most from your appliance.

How to keep your kettle in tip-top condition

Looking to descale your kettle with safe, natural ingredients that are super low cost? Follow the advice in this video to clear your kettle and have it sparkling again.

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