What's behind your cat's crazy five minutes?

What's behind your cat's crazy five minutes?

Everyone who lives with a feline friend will be familiar with the situation. You're sat watching telly or cooking the dinner, the cat's fast asleep and you're both calmly going about your business. When all of  a sudden, all hell breaks loose.

The cat jumps out of bed, eyes like saucers, bum wiggling a way in the air and then they're off. Round the house, up the curtains, round your legs, they fly off like a rocket, powered on Whiskas. Then before you know it and can put the house back in order, they're back snoring away in their basket looking like butter wouln't melt.

But what's behind all this crackers behaviour? And what can you do to help put a stop to these moments of kitty chaos?

Well, that's where the experts at Cats Protection come in as they've created a brand new video series of Simon's Cat to shed some light on the behaviour of our much-loved moggies. And the first episode covers cats' famous crazy five minutes.

Watch the video to uncover the truth behind this typical feline trait:

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