The best dog toys for your canine companion

From kong dog toys to indestructible toys, we've rounded up the best dog toys UK we think your pooch with love.


by Lorna White |

Dog owners will know that choosing a suitable dog toy for your pup is no easy task. There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing your dog a toy, from their size, breed, and how quickly they tend to get bored.

For example, a dog puzzle toy may be too mind boggling for some dogs, while a squeaky toy might be too small for some bigger dogs.

Dog toy safety

It's always important to keep a good eye on your dog while they're playing with any sort of toy. The safest type of dog toy are ones that your dog can carry without having to put the whole thing in their mouth. That's why things like tyres or very large, squashy balls are ideal, as a dog could never fit the whole thing in their mouth.

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To help you find the ideal toy and the safest for your four-legged friend, we've found some of the best dog toys available to buy in the UK to keep your dog entertained.

The best dog toys

If your dog loves to chew everything, this indestructible and durable toy is ideal as it will clean their teeth at the same time while they're chewing. You could even squeeze some toothpaste into the grooves to make sure they're getting extra clean while they play.

Key features

Dog size: Suitable for 30-60lbs dogs

Dimensions: 19.3 x 10 x 7.7cm

Weight: 250g

Material: 100 per cent natural rubber

One reviewer said: "I am so surprised that my dog has had this two months now and is in one piece still! Loves it with peanut butter smeared in the teeth! And it squeaks! Which I didn’t realise, but he obviously thinks is brilliant. My dog is a toy destroyer, so def recommend this to anyone with anxious, destructive dogs."

This interactive toy is designed for solo play, making it ideal for entertaining your dog while you're out at work. Just fill the maze with treats, give it a shake so your dog can smell them, and let them figure out how to get to them.

Key features

Dog size: Suitable for all sizes (many reviews claim it's better for smaller dogs, however)

Dimensions: 19.05 x 19.05 x 6.35cm

Weight: 159g

Material: BPA-, PVC- and Phthalate-free

One reviewer said: "Overall this is a really fun little gadget. It does keep your pooch occupied and busy for a bit. I'm going to run out and get appropriate-sized treats to put in there and fill it up before I leave the house for a few hours. As I type this now she has even gone over to it to see if I've reloaded. That makes me smile. I love my sweet pup and knowing that this is good for her brain makes it that much better. I gave this 5 stars because it's a wonderful toy."

Here's another puzzle-type toy for your pooch that'll stimulate them mentally. This is just like a game of hide and seek for your dog as you hide little treats inside the dispenser and they have to work out how to slide open each compartment.

Key features

Dog size: Suitable for all dogs of all ages

Dimensions: 61.2 x 38.1 x 32.5cm

Material: More durable than wood, easy to clean and will not splinter or snap like wood while your dog plays with it.

One reviewer said: "Out of all the Nina Ottosson games this is by far the best/safest and most fun for our puppy. Still going strong with no missing pieces 6 months later! Please make all of your puzzles in this material rather than plastic."

Pet's at Home's Just For Puppy range has been specifically designed with young dogs in mind. This set is ideal for their small mouths and teething gums. It can even be frozen to soothe their sore gums even more.

Key features

Dog size: Puppies

Dimensions: 12 x 13 x 4cm

Material: Rope

One reviewer said: "Bought this for our daughter's new Boxer puppy. He loves the ball and chews the rope instead of the furniture!"

The ever-so-popular KONG toy has been a hit with dogs and their owners for years now. Not only is it super durable and fun to chew, but you can also pack it with their favourite treats or soft pastes so your dog will also spend hours of fun trying to get to their treats.

Key features

Dog size: Suitable for all sizes and breeds

Dimensions: 7.62 x 4.45 x 4.45cm

Weight: 18.14g

Material: Natural rubber

One reviewer said: "When I got my rescue dog he'd never lived in a house and literally had no idea about anything. He had never played before so when I saw him chewing on this I nearly cried. He has so many other toys he's no idea what to do with. I use this every day for lunch or treats and he's learnt from that he can chew and play with it even when empty. He's not a big chewer so this should last him a very long time but it's definitely helped him start learning to be a dog."

If your pooch just can't get enough of a classic ball game, we think they'll love this extra durable ball for your games of fetch. With an extra-thick natural rubber core, these tough dog toys are designed for long-term use and they also float so you won't have to worry about them losing it in water.

Key features

Dog size: Suitable for all dogs and breeds

Dimensions: 6.35 x 6.35 x 6.35cm

Weight: 187g

Material: Rubber

One reviewer said: "Fantastic balls! Until the end of May this year, we'd had the same two balls since 4 September 2016. During those 9 months they had been thrown, chased, caught, bounced on concrete surfaces, and chewed, yet they were still in 'as new' condition. In March I wrote 'I don't know how the manufacturer makes money because they are truly virtually indestructible'. And two months later I lost one! I threw it into the sea in Cornwall, for Polly to retrieve, and the tide took it away. We still have one of the originals, plus two new ones - ordered the night it was cast out to sea, because my ball maniac could not do without it (we'd left one at home 300 miles away). These balls are more at risk of loss than splitting or being chewed into pieces. Love them."

This chewy toy is full of tasty flavours so your chewing dog will not be able to get enough of it. Coming in a variety of sizes and flavours, you can find one that is a perfect match for your pooch.

Key features

Dog size: Comes in different sizes to suit all dogs

Dimensions: 18 x 13.3 x 7cm

Material: Rubber

How adorable are these little squeaking animals? Not only will they look super cute in their toy basket, but their tiny squeaks will also keep your canine entertained and amused for hours.

Key features

Dog size: Small dogs (less than 11kg)

Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 6cm

Weight: 20g

Material: Non-Toxic Latex Rubber

One reviewer said: "These arrived promptly and came nicely packaged in a little storage bag. They are cute and have a really loud squeak noise which is excellent as the louder the better as far as my dog is concerned. However, they are very small. I bought them for a shihtzu (9kg dog) and they are ok for him but not for a medium or large dog (in all fairness the advert does say they are for small dogs). At £9 they are perhaps a little bit pricey but hey the dog liked them so 5 stars p.s. They also have a really good bounce which the dog loves."

We love this adorable Giraffe toy that's specifically designed with puppies, toy dogs, and smaller breeds in mind, adapted to fit their little mouths. The little squeaker nestled inside provides for a lot of rewarding play for your pooch.

Key features

Dog size: small dogs and puppies

Dimensions: 27 x 12 x 7.5cm

Material: soft fabric

One reviewer said: "Our Yorkie cross loves her giraffe, she carries it around the house with her. She loves making it squeak and after 3 weeks, it still works. I have had to sew its botty up 5 times after she bit its tail off so we will be buying her another one."

Does your dog have bags of energy that you don't know what to do with? The Boomer Ball is designed for them. Coming in four different sizes, you can find the perfectly sized ball for your energetic friend. It's hard-wearing and durable and isn't designed to be carried around in your dog's mouth.

Key features

Dog size: All dogs and breeds (be sure to buy the correct size ball for your dog's mouth)

Dimensions: Smallest: 4 inch diameter / Largest: 10 inch diameter

Weight: 109g

Material: Polyester

One reviewer said: "I've never seen my little dude so happy like it is when he is playing with this awesome ball. I've done some research about what type of ball to buy after disposing three balls because of the puncture on them. But this ball is special plastic, lightweight and really literally really durable."

Which dog doesn't love a stick? This chewable stick toy is designed to last a while and it's ideal for overweight dogs as it contains no flavours or artificial ingredients like other chewy sticks.

Key features

Dog size: three sizes available to cater for all dogs (not suitable for puppies)

Dimensions: 16.5 x 20.3 x 22.9cm

Weight: 150g

Material: Sustainable wood

One reviewer said: "As you can see I have a giant breed puppy and she loves to chew. So getting this has helped quite a bit. She loves chewing this Coffee Wood and sometimes I treat her with smearing done peanut butter on it too. However she naturally chews it. No problems, splinters or problems with her teeth/mouth chewing this either."

Made from extreme rubber for the more determined chewers, this KONG tire toy is available in two sizes. Like the original KONG toy, you can put treats inside to make playtime even more fun!

Key features

Dog size: Two sizes available for different sized dogs

Dimensions: 11.43 x 11.43 x 3.81cm

Weight: 200g

Material: Rubber

One reviewer said: "Well I think I've tried every toy on the market, Kong Extreme XXL being the best to date till I tried this one! Well what can I say! It's more rubbery but is knackering my Staffy out and he's not pulled ANY bits off after a few days which is a miracle in itself! Very Impressed so far so good.👍🐾"

Sometimes, all your doggy wants is a fun game of tuggy with their owner. This rope flamingo is the ultimate rope tug toy. It's durable and strong, meaning your strong-willed canine will be hanging on for hours until one of you gives in, and it's cute!

Key features

Dog size: Suitable for all dogs

Dimensions: 32 x 15 x 7cm

Material: Tough hemp and cotton rope with recycled plastic cloth body

One reviewer said: "Bought this for our 8-week-old lab mix puppy and it's her absolute favourite toy! We bought the medium one and it's a bit on the big side for her but she has taken great delight in dragging it around the living room. It's stood up to her very determined efforts to rip it limb from limb and the rope/hemp legs are a big hit on those tiny puppy teeth. It's a great tug of war toy for her and we'll definitely be placing a repeat order so she has a spare. It's a well-made high-quality toy, really like that the fur is so short and she's in no danger of pulling it out. Also, it looks amazing, and absolutely love the fact it's made from recycled materials!"

Our verdict: What is the best dog toy?

The best dog toys need to ideally be as indestructible as possible to give us owners peace of mind that our dogs won't be able to pull any pieces off. It's also an added bonus when toys make room for our dog's favourite treat too.

That's why we think the HETOO Dog Chew Toy is the best all-round dog toy for your canine, big or small. It keeps their teeth clean, jaw occupied, and most importantly, is safe.

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