Dog cooling products for your pup on summer days

Ensure your dog stays safe in the sun with these brilliant buys.

Dog in paddling pool

by Emily Gilbert |

The sun is finally shining which means more time spent outside enjoying the lovely warm weather. But if you have a dog, you might be wondering how you can ensure they don't overheat or suffer from heat exhaustion.

Thankfully, there are loads of brilliant products to help keep your dog cool, so the whole family can make the most of the sun while it's here.

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Dog cooling vests

A dog cooling vest is worn by your pup to help keep their temperature down. Available in a range of sizes so you can ensure a great fit for your dog specifically, the coat cools as water slowly evaporates. It will hold its own moisture without wetting your dog's coat.

Cooling dog bowl

These clever dog bowls mean your beloved pet won't have to drink warm water. Simply freeze the core in the freezer, then replace back in the base and fill it with water. The water in the dish will stay cold for up to 8 hours so your dog can stay hydrated with nice cold water throughout the day.

Dog swimming pool

There's no need to head to the beach when you can have your very own dog pool! You may be tempted to just use a child's paddling pool but a specific pet pool is robust enough that it won't get holes in or scratch marks due to sharp claws.

Dog cooling mats

Us humans aren't the only ones who can struggle to sleep in the heat!

Usually made up of a gel interior or breathable fabric, dog cooling mats offer your pooch a place where they can rest throughout the day. A dog cooling mat is lightweight and a lot more transportable than a dog bed too, making it great for travel and using in the garden.

More pet cooling mats to keep your companions cool.

Dog cooling toys

One for playful pups who still love to play even in the heat, these toys means you don't need to worry about them overheating, however much fun they have! While some are frozen to provide relief, others are simply soaked in cold water with a sponge inside to absorb the water.

Dog sun shelter

If you're spending time in the garden enjoying the warm weather, it's likely your dog will want to join you too. That's why we love options that provide a cooling spot for your pooch to relax in, whether they're in the garden or spending the day at the beach.

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