Cutting edge: The best cordless lawnmowers that make lawn care effortless

Lighten the load and go for a mower that's easier to lift and push.

Best cordless lawnmowers to get your garden ready for summer

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Put gardening back on the agenda with the best cordless lawnmowers. If you find a petrol or electric lawnmower too heavy to push, a cordless model is a lightweight alternative. It's the best lawnmower for small-to-medium size gardens, with the added benefit that no extension cables or outdoor sockets are required.

If you're seeking an eco-friendly lawn care option, cordless lawnmowers better than petrol models. Also, they're quieter than electric and petrol lawnmowers with better manoeuvrability, thanks to their freedom from cords. This makes navigating around flower pots and garden furniture a breeze, without the hassle of getting tangled up.

Best cordless lawnmowers at a glance:

Best cordless lawnmower for power: Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Lawn Mower – Buy now on Ryobi
Best cordless lawnmower for small gardens: Kärcher Cordless Mower – Buy now on Kärcher
Best large cordless lawnmower: Webb Cordless Rotary Lawnmower – Buy now on Robert Dyas
Best cordless lawnmower for battery life: Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawnmower – Buy now on Amazon UK
Best cordless lawnmower for comfortable mowing: Bosch CityMower – Buy now on Amazon UK

Nick Grey, the inventor of Gtech cordless technology, says: “Pretty much all cordless products suit the over 50s; they tend to be more inclined to choose appliances which don’t have the faff of cables even if it means spending a few more pounds."

“However, the appeal of cordless products is starting to transcend age groups now and we’re seeing a growing market across a wider demographic."

Cordless lawnmowers have an adjustable handle, an easy-start mechanism and safety cut-out to make it easier and safer for you to use. Plus, cordless lawnmowers are reasonably priced between £100–£300. They're best suited to a small or medium size garden. Factors such as battery life, charging time, cutting width and height should be taken into account. Look for models that offer edge-to-edge cutting for a seamless finish. Also, consider the size, shape and gradient of your garden as a larger plot will require a more powerful mower.

Best cordless lawnmowers


Best cordless lawnmower for power


If you're looking for a cordless lawnmower that can make short work of larger lawns, this Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Lawn Mower is our top choice. Our tester used it on a not-so-perfect domestic lawn and said the Ryobi cut the grass in half the time his previous mower took with good results. He liked that there were no cables to get in the way or accidently mow over!

The main selling point is the interchangeable One+ battery system. If you or a loved one has Ryobi's Power Share range, you can use the batteries in any one of their garden power tools. Note that batteries were not included with our tester's lawnmower and he had to purchase it separately. This lawnmower can be powered on one 5Ah battery, but if you add a second you get more power and it will cut for longer. This put to bed any reservations that our tester had about cordless lawnmowers having less powerful motors than petrol and electric models. The Ryobi cut with ease and was manoeuvrable, even on tricky parts of the lawn.

However, at 18.6kg it is a heavy lawnmower, especially if you have to carry it over gravel to get to your lawn, for example. Our tester also felt the grass collector was fiddly to attach and it falls off if you don't get the balance right. Also, because of the angle it sits at, grass spills out when you try and remove it for emptying. Alternatively, you can use the mulching function to distribute grass cuttings back onto your lawn.

It took about two hours to recharge the batteries, albeit this depends on the efficiency of the charger. The control panel in the centre of the handle tells you the battery status, along with power levels and warning lights. It's clear and intuitive.

In short, with its 40cm cutting width, the Ryobi is a good choice for medium gardens, although it might be a little too heavy for some.


  • With two batteries this can cut a lawn up to 690m²
  • No assembly required – simply lift the handle and click it into place
  • Adjustable telescopic arms for comfortable length, height and angle and suits you


  • Our tester felt the grass collector was fiddly to connect and grass falls out when full


Best cordless lawnmower for small gardens

Kärcher cordless mowerKärcher
Price: £254.99 (was £304.99)

The Kärcher cordless mower has a fast-charging battery and a 2-in-1 feature whereby you can use the grass catcher box or spread clippings back into the lawn as an all-natural fertiliser. It has a foam grip handle that's height adjustable for your comfort. Customers love the space-saving collapsible design and agree that it's fast and convenient to be cable-free. However, some had issues charging the batteries.

Yours gave it a spin around the garden we were impressed with how easy the lawnmower was to assemble, with just a couple of clicks and two screws. It's also easy to adjust the handle, depending on your height. Additionally, it can fold down, so it takes up less space in the shed.

Our tester commented that the battery took two hours to fully charge and had a run time of 24 minutes. This is ample for a small-to-medium size lawn. The 45-litre capacity meant that our tester did her front and back lawn without taking a single trip to the garden waste bin.

All-in-all, our tester was impressed with the ease at which the Kärcher gave a consistent finish to the lawn, even on the tricky edges.

However, she did struggle to insert the battery and it took her a while to get the knack of clicking it into place. Also, although it was more flexible than a traditional mower, she felt it was a little heavy to move around. But the joy of being cable free was a novelty that has yet to wear off!

Read our full review of the Kärcher Cordless Mower.


  • Adjustable handle height and comfortable soft-grip
  • Faster than traditional mowers
  • Convenient cable-free mowing
  • Folds down compact for space-saving storage


  • Batteries are a little fiddly to insert at first and some customers had issues charging them

Best large cordless lawnmower

Webb 43cm Cordless Rotary LawnmowerRobert Dyas/Webb

With a cutting width of 43cm this Webb Cordless Rotary Lawnmower means you can get the lawn cut faster because it requires less passes. We recommend this as a good cordless lawnmower for medium-to-large lawns. It has a 35 minute run time on a full charge and boasts a 60-litre grass collector bag – the largest capacity we've found in top-notch cordless mowers. Do bear in mind that this makes it one of the heavier models at 26.6kg, which offers a great workout but may be too heavy for some.

Get a wonderful striped lawn finish with the rear roller. Also, this model offers versatility whereby you can collect, mulch or discharge grass clippings. Additionally, there are six cutting heights which, again, is more than other models. You can easily adjust the cutting height with a single lever.

Customers comment that they've made the switch from petrol to cordless and have been delighted to say goodbye to mess and fumes. However, some reviews comment that the battery life is short and it's best suited to regular lawns rather than uneven and irregular lawn shapes.


  • High quality, durable cutting deck
  • Mulch, collect or discharge grass clippings
  • Wide cutting width that's best for larger, regular lawns


  • Some customers comment that the battery life was shorter than expected

Best cordless lawnmower for battery life

Greenworks 40V Cordless LawnmowerAmazon/Greenworks
Price: £289.99 (was £299.99)

With two batteries, this Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawnmower can cut an area equivalent to two tennis courts on a single charge. It has a simple push button to start. Plus, a single lever adjusts the blade height from 20mm to 70mm, which is handy if you've got a lawn that's got tall and needs cutting down to size.

A customer comments that she liked how it collects the grass rather than throwing grass everywhere, like her previous mower. Additionally, customers agree that this is a lightweight, easy to use lawnmower and the battery life is good. However, a couple of customers comment that they found the cutting height lever a little difficult to move. Also, this mower is best suited to even terrain and easy-to-mow grass. A more robust lawnmower is required for tougher grass.

This lawnmower is Amazon's Choice with 2,000 reviews rating it 4.3 out of 5.


  • Good battery life for mowing a large lawn or more than one lawn
  • Large 18cm rear wheels makes it easier to push
  • Mulch or collect grass
  • Foldover handles make it compact for storage


  • Not robust enough for tough grass and terrain

Best cordless lawnmower for comfortable mowing

Bosch CityMowerAmazon/Bosch
Price: £312.96

The Bosch CityMower is purpose-designed to cut small lawns that are flanked by walls. It has grass combs and narrow wheels so you can mow right up to a vertical edge and get a neat result. Customers are impressed with the performance of this lightweight (9.4kg) mower. With two batteries a customer was able to cut a lawn that's 400m², whilst others effortlessly cut lawns between 200m²–300m² on a single battery.

The specially-designed ErgoFlex make you stand in an upright posture while mowing and reduces stress on arms and wrists. We recommend this CityMower for anyone who needs a mower that is manageable and performs. It does stand out for the positive comments about battery quality and ease of use.

Do bear in mind, if you're cutting long or wet grass the battery won't last as long. As the name implies, this model is ideal for small, manicured lawns.


  • Best designed handles for maintaining good posture
  • Lightweight for easy maneuveuring
  • Battery and build quality have received lots of positive comments


  • Not suitable for large lawns or long grass

Best cordless lawnmower for all-round usability

Yard Force 40V 32cm Cordless LawnmowerAmazon/Yard Force

If you have a small, well-kept lawn and really do require a mower that's ultra light, this Yard Force 40V 32cm Cordless Lawnmower is a top option. For anyone who struggles to lift their mower from the shed to the lawn, at 10.5kg this is one of the lighter models in cordless mowing. However, customers comment that it doesn't cope so well on long grass and in some cases is almost too light. But for a perfectly petite manicured lawn, this is ideal.

It's user-friendly too, with an indicator to show how much charge is left and soft-grip handle for comfort. Customers, in general, agree that the battery and charge are good – both for fast-charging and holding a charge. Because it has a smaller cutting width, it's easy to manoeuvre this mower around the edges of flower beds and pathways.

The hybrid grass collector bag compacts clippings, so although it's on the smaller side, at 30-litres, it will compress grass so it doesn't need frequent emptying.


  • Very light so it's easy to move around
  • Easy to use controls
  • Good battery and charger
  • 40V Yard Force battery is compatible with other power tools in the range


  • Customers comment that this model struggles to cut long grass

Best cordless lawnmower for fast charging

For a great all-round mower, the Hyundai 32cm Cordless Lawnmower is more than reliable. In particular, it boasts one of the fastest charging times and run time. It has a run time of 40 minutes to lightly cut grass, whilst on damp grass that run time is reduced to 20 minutes.

Reviews comment on this mower as being a great option for a medium size lawn. Customers are pleased with their purchase and praise the Hyundai as being easy to assemble, lightweight and cutting grass well. Additionally, it can collect leaves too – simply suck up autumnal leaf fall with no bother or strain using a rake.

It's quiet running, so it won't disturb the neighbours or alarm pets. Features, such as the easy to fold handles, have been designed to make it convenient for you to assemble, adjust and store away in a collapsed position.

All-in-all we recommend this cordless lawnmower as an excellent all-round model for medium size gardens.


  • Built-in handle makes it easy to lift, plus it's lightweight
  • Customers praise the battery; only a quarter of charge used on small lawns
  • A top cordless choice for medium-size gardens from a quality brand


  • May be too high spec for small gardens

Best cordless lawnmower for larger gardens

Murray 2x18V Cordless Lawn MowerAmazon/Murray

Take the pressure of your knees and back with this lightweight Murray 2x18V Cordless Lawn Mower. Time and time again, customers praise this model as being so much easier than their previous petrol mower. Additionally, it offers much more freedom than a corded electric model. With two batteries, it has enough power to deal with large gardens. Also, the dual charger has a battery charge status indicator so you know how much charging time is left. The padded handles absorb vibration, 25cm rear wheels mean it's easier to push and the motor is quiet – making mowing a much more pleasant experience for you.

Customers agree that this lawnmower did a super speedy job of cutting the lawn. In general, they agree that it's easy to assemble, lightweight and manoeuvrable. A customer commented that the larger cutting width meant less passes of the lawn. However, another commented that the lowest cutting height was higher than they would have liked.


  • Batteries are powerful enough to cope with larger gardens
  • Great all-round cordless lawn mower for comfort and performance
  • Quiet running and reduced vibration


  • Lacks rear roller and mulching functions

Best small cordless lawnmower

Einhell Power X-Change Cordless LawnmowerAmazon/Einhell
Price: £125 (was £159.95)

Einhell Power X-Change Cordless Lawnmower is one of the smallest cordless lawnmowers and can even be picked up in one hand. At just 9.32kg its plastic casing keeps the overall weight down.
It comes pre-assembled and generally customers agree that this is a lightweight and low noise mower. The Power X-Change battery is compatible with other power tools in the range, plus there's a range of battery sizes to choose from. This makes this cordless mower an possibility for tackling larger lawns; if you use the 8.0AH battery it can cut an area that's 450m². Though, do note that the battery that's supplied with it is intended for an area of 150m².

Customers found that the grass box was difficult to assemble, but once you know how the parts click into place, it is full-proof. Also, be ware that taller users may find this a little too small.

It's an Amazon's Choice recommended product with over 6,800 reviews rating it 4.1 out of 5.


  • Simple to use for all ages
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Amazon's Choice recommended


  • Grass box is fiddly to assemble

Best cordless lawnmower for adjustable power

Worx 40V Cordless Lawn MowerAmazon/Worx

The Worx 40V Cordless Lawn Mower is unique for its Intellicut feature that allows you to increase power so you can mow through tough grass and on lighter lawns you can dial back the power to preserve the battery. In addition, Worx claim this lawnmower is their easiest to manoeuvre. It cuts edge-to-edge so it means less manual trimming after mowing. It has a rear roller too, so you can achieve perfect lawn stripes.

Customers praise it for performing well (even on longer grass), quiet running and at 11.1kg it's lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. However, a customer felt frustrated that additional batteries were expensive to purchase. The batteries can power any garden tool in Worx' Power Share range, so they may be worth the investment if you or a loved one is an avid DIY-er.

This Worx model has over 1,100 reviews rating it 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon.


  • Lightweight for easy moving
  • Quiet running so it won't disturb neighbours
  • Performs well, even on longer grass
  • Folds down compact for storage


  • Additional batteries are quite expensive

Best cordless lawnmower for ease of use

swift 32cm Cordless LawnmowerAmazon/swift
Price: $194.56

The swift 32cm Cordless Lawnmower suits an older person that's looking for a lightweight and easy to use mower. Because the cutting width is narrow it keeps the overall weight of the mower down, so it's easier to lift than a wider, heavier model. Customers comment that they were able to mow their lawns twice over on a single charge. The cutting height lever is easy to grip and change the height of the cutting deck, so your lawn can be the height that you like it.

The swift mower weights 13kg and is well balanced on four wheels so it's easy to manoeuvre. It comes with a mulch plug, so you have the option to mulch or collect grass clippings. Note, that the cutting blade is more like a hover mower than a rotary blade. A customer comments that it coped well with cutting a steep bank of grass, so it's worth considering this mower if your lawn is on a gradient.

With over 1,300 reviews rating it 4.3 out of 5 it's a solid cordless lawnmower under £200 for small gardens.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Easy to adjust the cutting height
  • Easy to start controls


  • Taller people may find it too small

Best cordless lawnmower for innovation

Gtech Small Cordless Lawn MowerGtech

At 3.5kg it's Gtech's lightest lawnmower and in fact the lightest mower in our round-up. Everything about the design is innovative, from the single-handle operation to its incredibly compact build.

Customers love the fact that it can be folded and stored away. For people with arthritis the single-handed operation makes this easier to grip; it's more like using a vacuum cleaner. Resoundingly, they love how light this mower is and it's easy to whip out and give the lawn a quick mow.

One or two customers would prefer the shortest cutting height to be a bit lower, but otherwise we recommend this mower if you have a small lawn to maintain and you need a lawnmower that's effortless to push.


  • Incredibly compact when folded for storage
  • Mulches grass cuttings to put goodness back into the soil
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Handle may suit users who have arthritis


  • Some customers comment they would like a lower cutting height

Our Verdict

We recommend the Gtech Small Cordless Lawn Mower as the best cordless lawnmower. Nick Grey, the owner of Gtech explains to Yours what makes their design and technology unique:

“With regards to the design of cordless lawnmowers, power consumption presented a particular challenge; blunt mowers struggle with wet grass and tend to bog down. It is hard for people to sharpen the blades regularly so we needed innovative technology that could solve this problem. And so, we invented the mono-blade, which reduces the power needed while maintains performance.

“As with all Gtech products, our key motivation is to make people’s lives easier, both practically and physically. We’re also focussed on creating sustainable, quality products. The fact that our lawnmowers are cordless, chargeable – rather than emitting petrol fumes – can only be a good thing for the environment.”

FAQs: Best cordless lawnmowers

How long do cordless lawnmower batteries last?

Cordless lawnmowers are powered by lithium-ion batteries. In terms of longevity, Hyundai Power Products advises that a lawnmower battery can last between 3–5 years. However, factors such as proper storage, how often you're using it and maintenance affects the longevity. Better batteries are being developed all the time, there are even batteries that can power ride-on lawnmowers, making petrol a thing of the past.

How long is the runtime?

Cordless lawnmowers have a battery runtime between 20–40 minutes, depending on the model. Some brands have lithium-ion batteries that can be used across their range of cordless power tools, which can work out to be cost-effective. Mow your lawn regularly to keep it at a manageable height, as this is better for the mower. A cordless model won't cope as well cutting long and tough grass, plus this drains the battery faster. In summer, mow every one-to-two weeks, also early summer is just the right time to apply a lawn fertiliser to nourish the grass.

Are cordless lawnmowers any good?

Yes, for the majority of households a cordless lawnmower is the ideal choice for maintaining a front or back garden lawn. The best cordless lawnmowers are quiet, eco-friendly and lightweight. For lawns less than 230m2 choose a model with a smaller cutting width; this makes it lighter and the battery will last longer. For larger gardens choose a lawnmower that has more battery power and a wider cutting width, so you can get the lawn mowed with less passes. Additionally, you may want mulching or side discharge features, along with the lawn collector bag. These are a natural way of putting goodness back into the lawn. Read how the Greenworks 24v Cordless Lawnmower made our tester's garden maintenance easier.

What are the benefits of a cordless lawnmower?

Stannah's garden expert and BBC Gardeners' World presenter, Mark Lane gives us some expert advice on the benefits of cordless lawnmowers:

"As cordless mowers have evolved significantly in recent years, it's crucial to consider certain factors to maximise their benefits. Comfort, for instance, plays a pivotal role. A mower that allows for adjustable handles is a plus, as it promotes an upright working or walking position, enhancing your overall experience.

"Cushioned handles or rubber or plastic grip are better, especially to help reduce vibration tiredness in the hands and arms. Remember that you will need to move the mower around the garden and back to the shed or garage, so ensure it is not too heavy.

"When looking at the battery, opt for 60V-80V lithium-ion. I would also advise getting two or three batteries (depending on the size of your garden) with a couple of charging stations so that you can easily swap out one battery for another. Also, choose a mower that has different cutting heights for maximum effect. This way you can raise the cutting height early in the year and lower it during the summer for a tight, neat cut.

"For most medium- to large-sized gardens, a cutting width of 45cm will be ideal. And, finally, select the largest grass collector bag so that time between emptying is kept to a minimum. If you can also get a mulching option on the mower, then the cuttings can be cut up by the mower and dispersed across the lawn; especially useful during hot weather, where the grass clippings will break down and feed the grass, releasing nitrogen for better growth."

This article contains expert advice from Mark Lane, stairlift and home lift company Stannah’s gardening expert and BBC Gardeners' World presenter. Also Nick Grey, owner of Gtech.

Natalie Knowles is a Homes & Garden Product Writer for Yours, specialising in home appliances. When she's not testing sparkling water makers, she flexes her creative flair as an artist.

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