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The Best Lawn Bowling Shoes

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Whether you have just taken up bowling or you are a seasoned professional, the best lawn bowling shoes will elevate your performance. Like any sport, having the right footwear is crucial, and this is especially true in lawn bowling. These shoes typically feature a sole designed for maximum grip on grass surfaces. This helps when you are bowling because the shoes offer more stability and help prevent slipping when you're rolling the bowl. Unlike the best walking trainers, this footwear is more lightweight and has a flat sole engineered for use on grass surfaces.

Lawn bowling stands out as a low-impact sport, making it an excellent option for individuals of all ages, including those with mild mobility challenges or health considerations. While staying active is crucial for overall well-being, not all sports offer the same benefits. Unlike activities demanding significant strength, intense fitness, or endurance, lawn bowling relies on gentle, controlled movements. These actions can enhance flexibility, balance, and coordination without subjecting the body to undue stress. So, remember to pop your Fitbit on so you can watch your step count stats shoot through the roof.

More than just physical exercise, lawn bowling is a great way to get out and meet new people. By its very nature, lawn bowling is a group activity that encourages socialising, camaraderie and community spirit. Many bowling clubs and greens even host regular gatherings and social events, making it the perfect sport for anyone looking to increase their social circle and make new friends.

The best lawn bowling shoes at a glance:

Best lawn bowling shoes overall: Slazenger Ladies Bowls Shoes - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best lightweight bowling shoe: Henselite Ladies HL74 Lightweight Impact X Lawn Bowls Shoes, Buy now on Amazon UK
Best leather lawn bowling shoe: The House Of Bruar Ladies Bowling Shoe - Buy now on House Of Bruar
Best slip-on lawn bowling shoe: Lady Skipper Ladies Touch Fasten Bowling Shoes - Buy now on Amazon UK

Lawn bowling attracts players from a diverse mix of people, including men and women of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities. And if you are new to the sport and feel a little anxious, online forums are full of people commenting on how inclusive and welcoming the sport is. So, with that being said, all you need to do is purchase your lawn bowling shoes and head to your local club to enquire about joining a team. And with more than 3500 bowling clubs across the country, one is bound to be near you.

The best lawn bowling shoes for women 2024:

Best lawn bowling shoes overall

Slazenger Ladies Bowls ShoesCredit: Amazon

Bowling shoes aren't, unfortunately, always the most attractive pair of footwear. But these ladies' bowling shoes by Slazenger are sleek and, dare we say, stylish! We love the clean white, understated appearance, but be careful not to get them dirty as they are hand wash only.

Bowlers commented that these were some of the most attractive shoes they have worn, and the best news is that these shoes are also the most budget-friendly option on our list, making them our favourite choice.


  • Smooth outsole for easy movement
  • Laces for a secure fit
  • Many online customers found these shoes incredibly comfortable even after a long match.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Modern design


  • Some customers found that the laces were short

Best lightweight bowling shoe

Henselite Ladies HL74 Lightweight Impact X Lawn Bowls ShoesCredit: Amazon

When playing a game of lawn bowling, lightweight shoes are essential. Not only will they improve how you play as you step forward to deliver the bowl, but having a pair of lightweight shoes will also help you maintain balance and put less strain on your feet after a long match.

Whilst all of the shoes recommended are lightweight, the online bowling community have raved about how light and breathable these particular shoes are. The memory foam inner sole makes them a great option for players who often find their feet hurt after a match.

We like that this shoe also comes in various colour options, but we recommend checking with your club, as some teams will have a specific colour preference for footwear.


  • Multiple colour options
  • Additional padding for comfort
  • Breathable material


  • Some customers found that this shoe is a narrow fit

Best leather lawn bowling shoe

The House Of Bruar Ladies Bowling ShoeCredit: The House Of Bruar

If you are a fan of a traditional-looking lawn bowling shoe, then you're in luck. This ladies' leather bowling shoe is a sophisticated option for players. We love that they have been crafted from sustainably sourced leather and that there are four colour options. Whilst these shoes won't be suitable for vegans, the brand prides itself on being eco-conscious.

Leather is durable, breathable, and resilient, making it an excellent material for lawn bowling shoes. Unlike other footwear options, this shoe has been designed to withstand the test of time, making it a worthwhile investment.


  • Crafted from sustainable leather 
  • An elegant design in comparison to the lawn bowling trainers that dominate the market
  • Leather lawn bowling shoes tend to outlast other materials


  • Not suitable for vegans

Best lawn bowling shoe

Lady Skipper Ladies Touch Fasten Bowling ShoesCredit: Amazon

These velcro lawn bowling shoes feature a convenient velcro closure system instead of traditional laces. This offers a quick and effortless fastening, giving you more time to practice before the big game. While we initially worried that this would comprise the comfort of these shoes, there are almost 50 positive reviews on Amazon, with most of the players stating how comfortable and practical they are.


  • Easy fastening perfect for players with restricted mobility
  • Wide fitting
  • Most customers found this shoe extremely comfortable


  • A few bowlers commented that they are a little heavier than other ladies' bowling shoes

Best bowling shoe for comfort

Hotter Tone II Women's Casual Classic Bowling ShoeCredit: Amazon

Lawn bowling matches can range anywhere from a couple of hours for casual games to several hours for competitive events, so finding a comfortable shoe is crucial. This highly cushioned leather shoe is perfect for long games. Many customers said they are great for other fitness activities like dancing and walking as well.


  • Extra padding that is perfect for bowling tournaments
  • Almond toe design gives more room to the foot
  • The brand states this shoe is ultra-lightweight, a comment backed by verified customers


  • Not suitable for vegans

Best bowling shoes for design

KR Strikeforce Women's Lux Bowling ShoesCredit: Amazon

Rrp: $84.95

Price: $58.31

Why blend in when you can bowl in style? Whilst we are aware that this won't be to all player's tastes, we think they are absolutely fabulous. This shoe marries fashion and functionality perfectly. Customers have commented that they are extremely lightweight, and many bowlers have said they have received tons of compliments when wearing this statement shoe. But check that your team allows such a striking shoe design on the green.


  • Bold and unique design in compression to the generic lawn bowling shoes
  • Knitted mesh offers more comfort
  • Great for gifting to a fellow bowler


  • Some customers recommend sizing up as it is a slightly narrow fitting shoe

Can you wear regular athletic shoes for lawn bowling?

While you can technically wear regular athletic shoes for lawn bowling, your standard athletic shoe is likely to be heavier, which may lead to discomfort and is more likely to damage the green. Lawn bowling shoes are designed with the sport's unique requirements at the forefront, including the need for a flat sole and good grip for the grass playing surfaces.

Should you wear socks with lawn bowling shoes?

Wearing light, breathable socks with your lawn bowling shoes is a good idea. We recommend socks that have been specifically designed for sport and exercise, as these will keep your feet drier and prevent discomfort. Socks also offer another layer of padding to your feet, which you will really benefit from at bowling tournaments or longer games.

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