The sweetest royal baby pics through the decades

The sweetest royal baby pics through the decades

Prince William is soon about to hold a new baby in his arms, but this photograph captures one of the first times he picked up a newborn. The sleeping babe in question is in fact his brother, Prince Harry, born in 1984. As for William, he as the first future king to ever be born in a hospital, with most royals before him being born in royal palaces.


Queen Victoria (the only monarch to currently reign longer than our Queen) is pictured with her great grandchildren at Osborne House, Isle of Wight in 1900. They are Princess Mary, the future Princess Royal, Prince Edward, the future King Edward VIII, Prince Albert, the future King George VI (in front) and in the Queen's arms, the baby Prince Henry, the future Duke of Gloucester.


A beautifully dressed Queen Mother sits with a giggly Princess Elizabeth in c.1928.


A baby Prince Charles makes a bid for his mum's pearls in 1949. When the Prince was born, Trafalgar Square's fountains were coloured blue. Some 3,000 people also gathered around Buckingham Palace waiting for the notice to be posted on the railings. When it finally arrived, they all burst into a chorus of For He's A Jolly Good Fellow.


Famed photographer Cecil Beaton captures the moment Prince Charles gives his baby sister, Princess Anne, a goodnight kiss.


Prince Philip and his daughter, Princess Anne, hold hands with a delighted baby Prince Andrew. What a cheeky little smile he has!


His cheeks alone have stolen the hearts of the nation and now we can't wait to see how Prince George grows into his role as big brother to the latest member of the royal family. In this lovely picture, he shares a special moment with little boy Thoedore on the royal trip to Australia last year.


George's adorable younger sister, Princess Charlotte, is growing up to be a real character! We love how the two-year-old loves to wave at crowds with very cute smile. Here she is with her loving parents last summer in Berlin. 


As the nation waited in excitement to catch the first glimpse of the newest addition to the Royal family, we were thrilled when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared with huge smiles with their new Prince in their arms.