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For Christmas and beyond, the Doctor has got your back…

The Doctor Who's TARDIS is pictured at Southbank, London on April 12, 2017. A TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) appeared near the London Eye, for the presentation of the tenth season of Doctor Who. Several fans had the chance to take photos with the iconic time machine.

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Of all the unique and personal gifts you can find for this Christmas, Doctor Who merch is ideal for your science-fiction-loving, nostalgic loved one. With our picks, you’ll be stepping back in time to your childhood, back to when you used to hide behind the sofa from the Daleks. Doctor Who merchandise isn’t just for the fans, though, it can be for anyone who has fond memories of the show.

60 years after the very first episode, our favourite eccentric alien who travels space and time in an old police box is still very much in our hearts. And – still on our TV screens, too. Starting with wartime movie veteran William Hartnell, there have been many Doctor Who actors who have taken up the role. Most recently, actress Jodie Whittaker completed her tenure as the beloved hero.

Doctor Who merchandise at a glance:

Best Doctor Who gift: Doctor Who Tardis Tea Pot – View Offer on OnBuy
Best Doctor Who gift selection: Doctor Who Pop Culture Mystery Swag Box – View Offer at HMV
Best Doctor Who poster: Doctor Who Classic Retro Dalek Print – View Offer on Etsy

Arguably more popular than it was back in 1963, Doctor Who is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s strange how such an iconic piece for British pop culture came about just by chance: to fill a slot on Saturday night. As you may remember, the original series ran until 1989 – and after a backdoor pilot movie failed to captivate a North American audience, Doctor Who was seemingly out of time.

But, for its dedicated fans, the show stayed alive (in one form or another) through fan projects with straight-to-video films, radio dramas and original novels. Time and time again, it is the fans – and those who remember the show fondly – who keep the magic of Doctor Who alive. This is why, at Yours, we’ve put together some of our favourite Doctor Who merch for your nostalgic loved one - that aren't just food gifts. Our picks are truly out of this world.

Doctor Who Merchandise and Gifts

Best Doctor Who movie merch

Dr. Who and the Daleks 4K Ultra HD Collector's Edition
Price: £49.99

Who remembers the in-colour Dr Who movies with Peter Cushing? Both movies were remakes of the first two Dalek movies from William Hartnell's tenure as the Time Lord. Now, restored to stunning 4K HD, you can enjoy the first movie at home, just like you did all those years ago. The Dr. Who and the Daleks Collector's Edition is a special edition to this classic science-fiction and unusual part of Who history, where Doctor Who was seen in colour for the first time!

Best Doctor Who canvas print

Victory Doctor Who Canvas Print 60 x 80cm
Price: £31.99

Calling all enthusiasts of the timeless sci-fi franchise! Pre-order the Victory Doctor Who Canvas Print for your nostalgic loved one. This print has an inviting blend of colours that is guaranteed to infuse any room with vibrancy and charm. It has that classic "British look" and wartime feel, inspired by a new series episode with Winston Churchill and the Daleks. Elevate your Doctor Who fandom with this iconic and enduring artwork and showcase your love for the show in style.

Best Doctor Who gift

If you combine two British institutions, what do you get? Something very iconic. Perfect for Doctor Who fanatics and appreciators alike, this Doctor Who Tardis Tea Pot is something to use, treasure and show off to everyone. Holding up to 700ml of your favourite hot beverage, it has a detachable lid to keep your mugful warm. This is a replica of the beloved TARDIS, the Doctor's space-time machine, complete with all its special features. Minus the time-travelling part.

Customer review: "A quirky gift. Perfect for a Doctor Who fan."

Best classic Doctor Who DVD

Doctor Who - Spearhead from Space (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
Price: $6.99

Though Jon Pertwee may not be as well-loved as his successor, Tom Baker, his stories are just as good. Pertwee's tenure as the Doctor was spent almost entirely on planet Earth, in exile from his people, working alongside U.N.I.T. to put a stop to extraterrestrial incursions. Does anyone remember the Doctor's car, Bessie? Yours recommends Petwees's debut, Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space, restored in this special edition - for classic Who fans and newbies alike.

Our review: "Spearhead from Space was one of the first Classic Doctor Who I really remember watching and enjoying. The Pertwee era was a time to change up the format, and experiment with the beloved show - and the BBC did so well with this earthbound era for the 3rd Doctor. Pertwee's first season as the Doctor is one of my favourites. It's kitsch, colourful and witty. Even more colourful, in fact, with this digital remaster! I love Spearhead from Space - it's a classic."

Best Doctor Who board game

Price: £7.99 (was £14.99)

For lovers of board games, we recommend the Doctor Who Race To The TARDIS, which is playable for up to six people - all the family. For this, recruit your best and brightest to join the TARDIS crew and take the role of one of the Doctors to retrieve lost key components of the TARDIS. They have scattered across the universe after being hit by the Daleks. All the while, you'll battle deadly foes and race back to the TARDIS to complete the repairs and be declared the winner.

Best Doctor Who vinyl record

The Amazing World Of Doctor Who
Price: £22.99 (was £32.99)

Who used to read the Doctor Who annuals? If so, The Amazing World Of Doctor Who is a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Rediscover your love for the short stories and comic strips from the old annuals on vinyl for the first time. Featuring immersive sound design, this nostalgic edition includes iconic stories, just in time for the 60th. It's narrated by Doctor Who performers of past and present, including Louise Jameson (Leela) and Geoffrey Beevers (The Master).

Best Doctor Who gift selection

Doctor Who Pop Culture Mystery Swag Box
Price: £24.99

Much like the iconic punctuation umbrella used by Sylvester McCoy, we have many questions. What's in the box? It's not blue, like the TARDIS, but could be bigger on the inside. The Doctor Who Pop Culture Mystery Swag Box from HMV is a Doctor Who fan's treat. Unveil up to eight random Doctor Who items, spanning wall art, drinkware, and accessories. It's perfect as a gift or treat for yourself. It's all a surprise, a mystery - just like our friend, the Doctor is.

Best Doctor Who audio drama

Doctor Who Out of Time - 1
Price: $10.11 (was £10.99)

Audio dramas such as this kept the show alive after being off-air for ten years. Although this is a newer radio play to the Big Finish range of Doctor Who stories, Doctor Who: Out of Time is a great example of how this auditory medium can revive the Classic Who we all remember fondly. Winner of Best Audio Drama at the 15th Annual Scribe Awards, it stars Tom Baker and David Tennant, two of the show's most beloved incarnations, going head-to-head with the Daleks.

Our review: "There's a lot of fun to be had listening to fan-favourites Baker and Tennant together, embodying their iconic portrayals of the Time Lord. Almost fifty years after he took up the role, Baker is as hilarious as ever, which works perfectly with the sullen disposition of Tennant's 10th Doctor. And, of course, who isn't petrified of the Daleks?"

Best Doctor Who t-shirt

Doctor Who Pop Art 4th Doctor Baker T-Shirt
Price: £13.99 (was £19.99)

A fantastic present for any Doctor Who fan, this Doctor Who 4th Doctor T-Shirt comes completely customisable, thanks to Amazon. Choose your size, fit and colour to find your new favourite tee. We love the design - with Tom Baker's Doctor and a Cybermen on a pop art style and colourful background, what's there not to love?

Customer review: "Just perfect! This made a really lovely gift to a Doctor Who lover and fan."

Best Doctor Who novel

The Doctor, Susan, Ian, and Barbara unite on an alien world, confronting Daleks after a nuclear apocalypse. Trapped in a vast metal city, they strive to thwart the Daleks' genocidal plot against the peace-loving Thals. Yet, the question lingers: will they ever return to Earth? This is a fantastic novelisation of Doctor Who and the Daleks, the second Doctor Who serial to ever air in 1963. David Whittaker's faithful adaptation is equal parts scary and excellent.

Customer review: "This book is a facsimile edition of the first-ever adaptation of a Doctor Who story written in 1964. As such it deviates from the original story due to Whitaker's decision to reintroduce the characters as if this was their first story. It's jarring if you are familiar with the original material but the book is excellently written and flowing very nicely. The changes to the story make this an intriguing read and it's great to revisit it now. The book features internal illustrations and the cover is the original cover from 1964. It's a great read. Also reprinted as the target book version."

Best Doctor Who wellness gift

Pret A Geek on Etsy has made this beautiful Doctor Who-inspired Timey Wimey Soy Candle, bringing the comforts of spiced vanilla in a pretty candle. The Police Box Blue Candle is the perfect gift for Doctor Who fans. Whether a causal enjoyer or part of the fandom, this soy candle will help you feeling relaxed in no time. Whovians need pampering, too.

Customer review: "This is a great present for my Doctor Who-obsessed friend. Great quality and price."

Best Doctor Who poster

We adore this Doctor Who Classic Retro Dalek Print, perfect for plans of science fiction of a bygone era, retro decor and Doctor Who fans alike. Whether framed or not, and complete in a few different sizes, this print is a special present. professionally printed in premium lustre paper, you're in the knowledge that it's good quality. And - who doesn't love a Dalek? It's the most iconic Doctor Who villain of them all - and a great way to represent the show.

Customer review: "It is so well printed and I love it very much, truly this was a present for my Father and he absolutely loves it, it's on his bedside now, my mum hates it but he doesn't care haha. Thank you for making such an awesome gift, I'm sure my mum loves it secretly."

Best Doctor Who gift for plant lovers

Printed with PLA, a material created from processing any number of plant products including corn, potatoes or sugar beets, this Doctor Who Inspired 3D Printed Planter is made from eco-friendly plastic, which is biodegradable and non-toxic. A perfect place to keep your succulent plants, the TARDIS design is a classic way to show your love for the show around the house. If you're not a fan of the classic blue police box, you can even choose a different colour!

Customer review: "Lovely product, extremely affordable compared to other similar items. Very happy with it!"

Best Doctor Who tote bag

K-9 and Fourth Doctor Scarf Tote Bag
Price: £10.51 (was £13.16)

Reusable, this lightweight go-everywhere K-9 and Fourth Doctor Scarf Tote Bag keeps you ready to shop responsibly. Whether sifting through the time vortex for more Doctor Who goodies or your weekly groceries, this tote bag is the ultimate companion for your lifestyle. And - why not feature the most loyal companion of them all? K-9 first graced our screens back in the '70s with Tom Baker's incarnation - and in this design from Redbubble, dons his master's scarf.

Customer review: "My tote bag is so handy."

Best Doctor Who notebook

Decorated with the world's most famous police box, this Doctor Who TARDIS A5 Notebook is perfect for any fans of the Time Lord. If your Doctor Who fan loved one fancies themselves a writer or likes to make lists to plan their life, consider a TARDIS notebook. Bigger on the inside, complete with a secure button fastening, you (or your loved one) won't need a sonic screwdriver to keep your important notes to yourself. It's an inspired gift.


What is happening for the 60th anniversary?

November 23, 1963 is where it all began, making 2023 the 60th anniversary. But, what is happening? After all, not many TV shows make it to their 60th anniversary. We hope there is some new Doctor Who merch to come...

Doctor Who is returning to the BBC in November with three special episodes to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee of this beloved science-fiction show. Showrunner Russell T Davies has brought back fan-favourite Doctor, David Tennant, alongside actress Catherine Tate, reprising her role as Donna Noble - with some fantastic guest stars, too.

Have you seen the trailer yet?

Who is the new Doctor Who?

Though it is true that David Tennant is making a return for the 60th anniversary TV specials, he’s not returning full-time as our favourite Time Lord. And - in May of last year, Ncuti Gatwa was announced as the new Doctor.

Most well-known for his breakout, BAFTA-winning role in Netflix’s Sex Education as Eric Effiong, Gatwa is a Scottish actor. And – most recently, you may have spotted him as one of the ‘Kens’ in the Barbie Movie, alongside his Sex Education co-stars, Emma Mackey and Connor Swindells.

Speaking about his upcoming role as the Doctor, Ncuti said, "There aren’t quite the words to describe how I’m feeling. A mix of deeply honoured, beyond excited and of course a little bit scared. This role and show means so much to so many around the world, including myself, and each one of my incredibly talented predecessors has handled that unique responsibility and privilege with the utmost care. I will endeavour my utmost to do the same."

Where can I watch classic Doctor Who?

Luckily for us, classic Doctor Who is arriving on BBC iPlayer this November. How exciting.

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