One of Rod Hull's last Emu puppets has sold at auction!

One of Rod Hull's last Emu puppets has sold at auction!

Were you a fan of the late Rod Hull and his naughty Emu who famously attacked Micheal Parkinson during his popular talk show? Now, one of Rod's last remaining Emu puppets has been sold at auction for a whopping £9,000! The puppet was bought by Phil Fletcher, the man behind CBBC's Hacker the Dog who you will be familiar with if you've watched the show with your grandchildren. 

Puppet fan Phil bid over the phone for the famous bird with the puppet originally predicted to be sold for £750 - £1000! It was later revealed that Emu will be living alongside good company as Phil also owns many other famous puppets including George, the pink hippo from rainbow, Keith Harris's Orville, and Sooty and Sweep! 

Talking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Phil said, "I'm 41 so I vividly remember seeing Emu on television when I was growing up.

"Rod Hull was one of the best puppeteers, but also criminally under-rated. Because audiences totally bought into the character of Emu, they forgot that Rod was operating him. He was brilliant."