Do you remember these Christmas adverts?

Do you remember these Christmas adverts?

We've all got our favourite Christmas advert. In recent years, the anticipation is growing for the release of the big Christmas adverts. And although we love the likes of Monty the penguin and Paddington bear, we remember when brands first began to produce big Christmas ads. Here’s our top six original British Christmas ads that bring back Christmas memories from the past.  

Quality Street, 1992

It is the time for giving. This 1992 Quality Street advert shows a lollypop lady helping a little boy cross the road through all the seasons. It then reaches a snowy winters day where he gives her a box of Quality Street for Christmas.

Yellow pages, 1992

There was once a time before the internet when the Yellow Pages were thick enough to use as a step! This 1992 advert sees a little boy use a copy of the Yellow Pages to stand on to make him tall enough for a Christmas kiss underneath the mistletoe. 

Oxo, 1984

Starring the late Lynda Bellingham, the heartwarming and relatable Oxo family Christmas adverts were a sign to a lot of people that Christmas had arrived. 

Woolworth’s, 1983

The 1983 Woolworth's advert was full of Christmas gift ideas as well as featuring a whole host of celebrities to endorse the products, including Daley Thompson and Eric Bristow. 

Old spice, 1989

The perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life if you're stuck on what to get him! These classic Old Spice adverts are now making a modern comeback. 

Kellogg’s 1991

The adorable little girl from the 1991 Kellogg's Christmas ad melted our hearts but not many people know that the part was actually played by twins. Time flies and the twins are all grown up now with children of their own! 

Coca Cola 1995

We know 'Holidays are coming' as soon as we've seen this truck! Perhaps the most iconic Christmas advert of all which is still shows today. The famous Coca Cola truck continues to tour Britain in the lead up to Christmas day.  

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