Did you play with a Pedigree doll?
Image: Susan Brewer

Image: Susan Brewer

Were you lucky enough to have a‘Pretty Peepers’, ‘Saucy Walker’ or ‘Beauty Skin’ as a child? Plastic Pedigree dolls were made by British toymaker Lines Brothers Ltd, later known as Tri-ang.

Plastic dolls were made after World War Two, once the factory was released from making armaments.

This doll based on Princess Anne, was released in 1953 Queen Elizabeth’s coronation year. The clothes were designed by her majesty’s couturier Norman Hartnell. The fabric tended to disintegrate, making original clothes hard to find. Clothed, the doll is worth £100-£150, without £70.

To fetch the highest values, dolls must be in mint condition with their original clothes, all their accessories (which were often lost through play) and original boxes. Hair is another major consideration, as many children washed, cut and restyled hair.

As with teddy bears, the ‘look’ and visual appeal of a doll’s face and general appearance helps enormously towards desirability, as does rarity of certain models. Find out more about collecting teddy bears.

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