Top 10 things Brits miss from the past

Top 10 things Brits miss from the past

We all have little things we remember and miss from our childhood that give us fond memories of the past. It could be a certain drink that takes us back to a happy time in our lives or even a TV programme which we can remember watching when we were children!

New research from Warner Leisure has revealed which top ten things us Brits would love to see make a comeback. Take a look to see if anything you miss is on the list!

Topping the list is Woolworth’s!


67 per cent of people said they would love to see Wooley’s make a comeback to their local high street. The 80s shop, where you could buy almost anything, closed back in 2009 and is missed by many.

Do you have any memories from Woolworth's?

Arctic Rolls


This classic British dessert is missed by 22 per cent of us in the UK. The arctic roll fell in popularity after sales in the 90s slumped. Who knew vanilla ice cream wrapped in sponge with raspberry sauce between the sponge and ice cream could be so delicious and deeply missed?

Penny sweet shops


Although you can purchase bulk 1p sweets online, there is nowhere near as much fun in ordering over the internet than visiting the sweet shop after school to buy a bag of your favourite one penny treats!

Dairy Milk chocolate dispenser

The famous Dairy Milk Chocolate dispenser was owned by almost every British child growing up. The dispenser would double up as a money box and by popping a 10p (or 2p) into the box, a miniature bar of Cadbury’s would be yours in return.

Watch with Mother


Broadcast from 1953-1975 on BBC1, these series of children’s programmes were intended for pre-school children to watch with their mothers in the afternoon. They featured favourite’s such as Picture Book, Andy Pandy and The Flowerpot Men.



A popular canape, the Vol-au-vent was the height of sophistication in the 1980s. Filled with savoury or sweet ingredients, Vol-au-vents would typically be served at dinner parties, and now, many want to see the Vol-au-vent make its revival.

Saturday Morning Swap Shop


This show was a favourite amongst children between 1976 – 1982 where presenters Noel Edmonds, Keith Chegwin, John Craven and Maggie Philbin would help children to swap their belongings with others.



This sparkling wine was a popular drink during the 60s and 70s, however, sales figures from 2011 suggest the pear flavoured tipple may be making a popular come back sooner than you think.

Corona Man

Very popular in the 1970s, this flavoured sparkling drink was popular in Britain and well known for its advertising slogan - Every bubble's passed its FIZZical! The Corona man would make weekly visits to homes around Britain selling the orange, raspberry or lemon flavoured ades.

Jackie Magazine


This girls weekly magazine ran from 1964 to 1993 and produced 1534 issues in total! Jackie became very popular with young teenage girls who particularly loved reading the Cathy and Claire problem page.