Cash in the attic: Sommerso glass

Many novelty-shaped sommerso pieces were produced in the 1950s. Italian glassmaker Murano is best known for this type of multi-coloured, multi-layered sommerso, meaning 'submerged' glass.

Smaller pieces were mass-produced as souvenirs - impulse buys that could fit easily into a tourist's well-packed suitcase. The larger more refined pieces were produced in smaller numbers and more vulnerable to damage, making them scarcer and therefore more valuable today.

Smaller pieces were mass-produced as souvenirs

The more charming and colourful the novelties are, the greater their appeal. Typical Murano novelties include glass eggs (less than £100), egg-timers (£150-£200) and animals. The 1950s Murano sommerso swan pictured above  (37cm high) is valued at £150-£200.

While this gorgeous Fifties Murano 'sommerso' duck below, with a green foil sticker, 16cm high is valued at £25-35.

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