It’s official the nation prefers dogs to cats!

It’s official the nation prefers dogs to cats!

It’s official, dogs really are the nation’s best friend, with twice the number of UK adults preferring dogs over cats. Controversially for a nation of pet lovers, nearly one in 10 do not like either dogs or cats, according to new research by Churchill Pet Insurance.

Dogs are seen as loyal and protective

Pets' personalities

When asked which personality traits people associate most with dogs and cats, dogs are seen as loyal (77 per cent) and protective (63 per cent), while being friendly (62 per cent) and giving owners unconditional love (61 per cent). Cats on the other hand are seen as territorial (54 per cent) and intelligent (54 per cent) but also independent thinkers (49 per cent) and aloof (43 per cent)

Gender paws

The preference for dogs over cats is consistent across gender, although men like them slightly more than women (48 per cent vs. 41 percent). On a regional basis, those living in Belfast and Newcastle like dogs the most. While those living in southern cities were the closest in choosing between dogs and cats, as just eight per cent more people living in Plymouth and 11 per cent more living in Brighton preferred dogs to cats.

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