How to get rid of spiders

Find out how you can deter spiders from entering your home with these natural methods that won't cause them harm.

how to get rid of spiders

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Perhaps, you're wondering: how to get rid of spiders? After all, as the colder months are drawing in, you're bound to be finding some unwanted guests in your home. Whether you're a fan of the eight-legged insects or they give you the creeps, it's fair to say most of us would rather see spiders on the outside of our walls than have them on the inside. While things like humane mouse traps can combat the mice, deterring spiders isn't so straightforward.

Just like us, spiders are sensitive to smells. By using some natural scents in and around the home, you can repel unwanted spiders while giving your home a boost of fresh fragrance. One type of smell they can't stand is anything citrus-scented. By rubbing the peel of any citrus fruit on skirting boards or any other corner they manage to get through, you may deter them from entering. Use citrus cleaning products and candles as an extra deterrent.

How to get rid of spiders at a glance

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Luckily, you should be able to find most of the natural deterrents in and around your home already. Of course, we love having aromatherapy diffusers and sweet-smelling wax melt around the home, but spiders are triggered by certain scents. We've rounded up the best products needed by those of us asking: how to get rid of spiders? Our list consists of essential oils and scents to keep the spiders away, humane spider catchers and more.

Our guide on how to get rid of spiders may be sweet-smelling for us, but unappealing for them.

How to get rid of spiders naturally

Best humane spider catcher

Katcha Battery Operated Vacuum Spider Catcher
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If, despite your best efforts, an eight-legged friend still manages to get inside your home, you


  • You let them go unharmed
  • Useful to have around the house


  • May not be best for larger spiders

Best essential oils for deterring spiders

AMMIY Essential Oils Set of 6 x 10ml for Aromatherapy Bath Spa Diffuser Fragrance Relaxing Scent, Pure, Natural, Vegan Oils Including Eucalyptus, Lemon,...
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Natural scents including lavender, peppermint and tea tree will really make spiders steer well


  • 100 per cent pure and natural
  • Great variety of fresh scents


  • Does take quite a few drops to get the required scent

Best diffuser to deter spiders

Tisserand Aromatherapy - Aroma Spa Diffuser - For Use With Essential Oils - Mood Lighting - 5 Hours Ultra-Quiet Continuous Mist - 100 ml Capacity

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If you'd rather fill your home with pleasant scents while fending off the spiders, a diffuser is a


  • Award-winning therapy at home
  • Fine, silent mist to set the mood


  • Could do with having a timer

Best vinegar spray bottle for deterring spiders


If you're not a fan of essential oils, you can always use vinegar as spiders can't stand the


  • Premium BPA-free, eco-friendly set
  • Multiple uses around the home


  • Glass isn't shatterproof

Best cedar blocks for repelling spiders


While it's thought that using conkers to repel spiders is an old wives tale, the use of ceder


  • A great size, blends in with your homeware
  • Refresh the fragrance with fine sandpaper


  • To be kept away from water

Best lavender plants to keep spiders away


Plant this Potted Lavender outdoors, around your home - by doorways, keeping it in full sun and in


  • A perfect outdoor spider deterrent
  • Fragrant and can be used in cooking


  • Only fare well outdoors


What else deters spiders?

Cleaning and tidying

If you're not keen on the fragrances, how else to get rid of spiders? Well, there's nothing spiders love more than plenty of places to hide. As such, it's really important to keep your home clean so the spiders can't find a cosy place to hide.

It's also a good idea to keep the exterior of your home as tidy as possible, too, by ensuring there are no big piles of leaves or chippings and that any openings such as windows are well sealed both internally and externally.

Outdoor plants

As mentioned previously, spiders hate certain smells including lavender. Not only does lavender smell great to us, it always looks so pretty around the garden so it's a great idea to place lavender plants in pots around the house in the garden, being mindful of the spots where the spiders usually come in. This may be around the front door of many homes.

Below, are some tips from Anthea Turner who shared her best advice on how to get rid of spiders:

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