8 irresistible M&S perfumes every woman should own, and none are over £10!

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Wearing a good perfume literally turns heads, and while you might assume that the finest fragrances come with a hefty price tag, we're here to let you in on a little secret: M&S perfumes smell amazing, and they cost a fraction of the price. So, whether you want to grow your collection or buy a perfume gift set for you nearest and dearest - M&S are a fantastic option.

When we learnt that M&S were selling perfumes for under ten pounds, we had to try them for ourselves. With many of the products being hailed online for being dupes of much more expensive fragrances, we were both intrigued and hopeful that we could save a couple of pennies without scrimping on the quality of the scent. So we got our hands on eight of the most popular perfumes Marks and Spencer had to offer and put them through the all-important scent test whilst wearing our favourite M&S dresses, of course!

Perfumes can be a wonderful form of self-expression, allowing you to convey your personality and style to the world through scent. Different fragrances can reflect various aspects of a person's identity and preferences. This is why we love having a few options in our cabinet, and when they only cost £6, you may be able to treat yourself to a couple.

Best M&S perfumes at a glance:

Best-selling M&S perfume: Warmth Eau de Parfum, Buy now on M&S
Best M&S perfume overall: Pink Pepper Eau de Toilette, Buy now on M&S**
•** Best M&S perfume for everyday wear: Soft Iris Eau de Toilette, Buy now on M&S**
•** Best evening M&S perfume: Midnight Blossom Eau de Toilette Buy now on M&S

We have spent the last few weeks independently testing M&S perfumes, noting when we receive compliments, comparing them to more expensive perfumes on the market and noting how each fragrance made us feel to build you this guide. So, without further avail, here's our guide to the best M&S perfumes.

The best M&S perfumes 2024:

Best-selling M&S perfume

Warmth Eau de ParfumCredit: Hannah Carroll/Yours

This elegant perfume tops our list as the most popular fragrance, with many customers noting its resemblance to higher-priced alternatives, a sentiment we wholeheartedly share.

Online customers compared it to Le Labo Santal, which is almost 17 times more expensive.

This perfume has a spicy warmth that brings comfort to wearers. And although it's not very long-lasting, at £10, we found it is affordable enough to re-apply throughout the day.

We received numerous compliments when wearing this scent, finding it perfect for evening occasions but a bit too intense for daytime wear. However, its richness makes it ideal for the colder months of winter or autumn.

Keynotes: Cardamom, Cinnamon Leaf, Cedarwood and Sandalwood
Product size: 50 ml

Best M&S perfume overall

Pink Pepper Eau de ToiletteCredit: Hannah Carroll/Yours

Fans of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum will love the Pink Pepper perfume. While it may not boast the same luxurious packaging as its pricier counterpart, the scent is remarkably similar.

This was our favourite perfume. It is light and fruity, making it our new favourite spring/summer scent. This perfume lifted our mood, and applying a spritz was a great way to kick-start our day.

Like the previous perfume, we needed to apply it more frequently than we would with a higher-end product. But despite being in a 100ml bottle, we could conveniently carry it in our handbag and reapply it throughout the day, making it a delightful pick-me-up.

Keynotes: Petitgrain, pink pepper and vanilla
Product size: 100 ml

Best M&S perfume for everyday wear

Soft Iris Eau de ToiletteCredit: Hannah Carroll/Yours

There's not much you can buy for £6 anymore. Even your favourite bottle of wine will probably cost you closer to £10. So, a 100ml bottle of perfume that typically lasts several months rather than a good night with friends is an absolute bargain in our book.

This is the perfect perfume to carry around in your handbag. This is a really light eau de toilette, which works best in the summer months.

Keynotes: Iris, patchouli and tonka bean
Product size: 30ml

Best evening M&S perfume

Midnight Blossom Eau de ToiletteCredit: Hannah Carroll/Yours

Online customers have compared Midnight Blossom to the popular YSL black opium perfume. We can smell the similarities of the warm and rich undertones, and whilst it isn't exact, for the price saving and scent similarity, this is a pretty appealing choice for YSL fans.

Keynotes: White flower, mandarin, tuberose
Product size: 100ml

Best M&S perfume for a subtle scent

Restful Eau de ParfumCredit: Hannah Carroll/Yours

Customers have compared this scent to coming home after a long day at work, and we cannot help but agree. As the name Restful implies, this scent is very soothing. It has been developed as part of the Apothecary collection, which focuses on self-care and nurturing the body and soul.

Keynotes: Rose, Black pepper, Frankincense, Cedarwood
Product Size: 50 ml

Best woody M&S perfume

Warm Neroli Eau de ToiletteCredit: Hannah Carroll/Yours

We think this perfume is a good rival of Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million scent. Paired with the shower gel, we found that we received an abundance of compliments, and the scent lasted well into the evening. This is a sophisticated fragrance perfect for evenings out.

Keynotes: Neroli, bergamot, musk
Product size: 30 ml

Best warm M&S perfume

Reassure Eau de ParfumCredit: Hannah Carroll/Yours

Another fantastically soothing fragrance from the Apothecary collection is Reassure. We found that this was one of the longest-lasting perfumes that we could smell after spraying it on our skin. It has a mature, musky scent that we enjoyed.

Keynotes: Tonka Bean, Orange flower, Patchouli, Cedar leaf.
Product size: 50 ml

Best summer M&S perfume

Seasalt & Neroli Eau de ToiletteCredit: Hannah Carroll/Yours

If you are looking for your new summer scent, planning a vacation or just excited for warmer weather, then Seasalt & Neroli is for you. It is a lovely, fresh scent which exudes holiday feelings. We love this scent that has a hint of sweet vanilla.

Keynotes: Sea salt, neroli, mandarin, musk
Product size: 30ml

Do Marks and Spencer perfumes offer long-lasting scents?

Unfortunately we did find that we needed to re-spray the M&S perfumes a little more than usual. However, when you consider how much cheaper they are from the designer fragrances on the market, this was a small price to pay for such a big saving.

Are Marks and Spencer perfumes suitable for sensitive skin?

Marks and Spencer provides information about its products, including details about the ingredients used in its perfumes. Individuals with sensitive skin may want to review the ingredient list. We recommend checking the ingredients before purchasing to ensure it is suitable for your skin as all skin types differ, and what some people react to, others will not. However, we found no adverse side effects when we tested the perfumes.

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