The best wet dog food UK

Our pick of the best wet dog food brands to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Best wet dog food UK

by Jade Moscrop |

As our beloved companions, we like to give our dogs the very best in life. Just as we wouldn't eat sub-par food ourselves, we don't expect our dogs to, either. If your dog already eats wet dog food or you're thinking about making the switch, it can be a delicious, nutritious, and hydrating treat at dinner time.

Whether it comes in a can, tray, or tin, wet food is a wonderful choice for dogs, and when mixed with dry food - even better. There are so many different types of wet food to choose from, including hypoallergenic wet food for sensitive stomachs and ones that cater for puppies and senior dogs too.

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We've rounded up the best wet dog foods available to buy in the UK, plus included some helpful information below to keep you in the know.

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The best wet dog food for your pup

Wet dog food FAQs

What is wet dog food?

Wet food is a softer type of food that has high water content. It’s a great option for picky eaters or pups in need of a hydration boost. It’s got a lot of flavours and will most likely come in gravy or jelly. Meaty chunks have to be up there as a dog's favourite dinnertime treat.

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Is wet food good for dogs?

Wet dog food is a nutritional winner. If you pick the right kind, then your dog will be getting plenty of delicious natural ingredients added to their diet, and also added water. It's easily chewable and digestible, plus helps a dog feel fuller.

Wet or dry dog food?

Wet and dry dog food both have their benefits. As mentioned above, wet food is nutritious, hydrating, delicious and helps dogs to feel full. Dry food, however, is convenient, economical, and can aid in cleaning teeth.

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Should I mix wet and dry dog food?

Having a mix of wet and dry food in your dog’s diet can keep things varied and well-rounded. It brings together the benefits of both, plus keeps your dog's bowl exciting.

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Best wet dog food UK
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How much wet dog food should I feed my dog?

All the information you need should be listed on the packaging of your dog's food, but every dog is different. Their age, breed and size have to be considered, plus if you’re mixing it with other food. It’s worth asking your vet for advice on what is truly best for your pooch.

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What to bear in mind when buying wet dog food

If you're making the switch to wet dog food, introducing it into your dog's meal plans or are just searching for new food, here are some things to think about:

Budget - How much can you afford to spend per month? You don't want to commit to expensive dog food if your bank balance won't allow it.

Storage space - Some tins and packs will take up more space than others, so make sure you have adequate room to keep it all if you intend to buy in bulk.

Your dog's preferences - If your dog is fussy, it's worth testing them on a new food before committing to buying a whole month's worth.

Allergies and sensitivities - Our dogs are all unique, so if you know they're hypoallergenic or have sensitive stomachs, it's best to avoid ingredients that your dog is sensitive to.

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How to introduce a new food into your dog's diet

It's important not to rush into changing your dog's food, the key is to do it gradually. Start out by mixing your dog's current food with the new food, and over the period of a week, decrease the amount of old dog food, replacing it with more of the new food.

Keep an eye on their toilet activities, plus if they are acting differently or have different eating habits and speak to your vet if you're worried.

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