Is lab-grown meat the future?

Is lab-grown meat the future?

We’re all aware of the immediate changes we must make if we’re going to act on climate change. According to the United Nations, one of the biggest contributors to climate change is the rearing of animals for slaughter to fuel our craving for meat. That’s why scientists are now creating artificially grown meat that requires no slaughtering of animals whatsoever.

By simply using the proteins from a chicken feather, chicken meat can be grown in around two days in a lab. And although this kind of meat is not yet available, it is hoped that it will be on the menu of some restaurants by the end of the year. This is just one example of how lab-meat is made but it’s hoped that eventually, we’ll be eating lab made chicken, beef and even fish.

The brains behind the project are currently in the process of developing a way of making the cells renew, so that using a biopsy or feather from the animal are not needed to be retrieved time and time again.

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