"We found love online" - a real-life dating success story thanks to Yours!

"We found love online" - a real-life dating success story thanks to Yours!

Lynda and John's story

I have just been glancing over the ‘Friends of Yours’ pages, and had to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to let you know how the Yours Friendship and Romance website changed my Christmas forever.

In early 2005, I lost my husband of 28 years to cancer. It was unexpected and happened extremely quickly. Luckily, my mother had been living with us and my two sons were still at home, so there was plenty of loving support. However, upon reaching my 50th birthday some 18 months later, I realised I didn’t want to be alone anymore.

I felt like a gooseberry, even amongst my closest friends - they were all still in relationships, and I couldn’t bring myself to visit pubs or restaurants on my own. I craved companionship, but the dating agencies advertised on TV just didn't seem to cater for people like me. Then, in 2006, I discovered Yours Friendship and Romance.

I mulled it over for a while, then took the plunge and signed up online. The site said my chances of finding a match would be enhanced by a recent photograph, so I immediately went out and bought a digital camera. I took a few shots, uploaded them and waited.

I had a few ‘winks’ from gentlemen within my local area, but was too nervous to reply. However, I did find myself looking forward to getting home from work and logging on each night. Then I received a wink from an Essex boy, John. His picture was rather unclear, but he ticked quite a few boxes: his bio was funny, football was not his first love, he didn't appear to be wearing trainers... so I winked back!

John’s circumstances were very similar to mine. He had been recently widowed after 30 years of marriage, and was finding a solitary existence difficult. After several messages back and forth through the confidential website, we decided to swap telephone numbers and email addresses. With so much in common (the website filtering really does work) we couldn’t fail to hit it off.

Within months we were an item. Then in June 2009, John and I were married in my local church, with all our close family present. My youngest son had special leave from active duty in Afghanistan to be best man, and my eldest son gave me away.

Our relationship strengthens each day. As we know from experience, life is too short to waste so we enjoy every single moment. Indeed, our life has been further blessed by the addition of two grandsons in late 2010.

So thank you to the Yours team, life just wouldn’t be the same without you.


If you're inspired by Lynda and John's story, why not visit www.yoursfriendshipandromance.co.uk? Or if you've had any sort of success, from a new friendship to getting married, we'd love to hear from you at yours@bauermedia.co.uk