The most helpful products for people with dementia

The most helpful products for people with dementia

From jigsaws to clocks, there are a wealth of helpful products for people with dementia on the market.

When James Ashwell's mum Fay was diagnosed with dementia, it changed his life. It eventually led to him developing a website,, offering products that dementia sufferers and their families might find useful. 

James has sourced thousands of products to help make life easier for people with dementia and their carers and most are exempt of VAT for those with the condition.

Below are just a few of his favourites:

Jigsaw for dementia sufferers


Whether it’s colouring or making jewellery, activities that make a person with dementia feel productive can also boost their confidence and mood. This 13-piece jigsaw is durable and specially designed to stimulate conversation and reminiscence.

Price £12.49 with VAT relief


Key fobs ideal for early stages of dementia

These nifty key fobs are brightly coloured and a great way to help people in the early stages of dementia to remember which key is which. This in turn, can help them to stay independent.

Price £3.50 with VAT relief


Cut-resistant gloves


These extra-tough gloves can enable keen cooks, like Mum, to continue enjoying their hobby safely. Looking back, I’d say the gloves we found for Mum allowed her to carry on cooking for another three years – that’s a long time.

Price £5.99


Bedi shield

Brushing Mum’s teeth was a nightmare, she didn’t like it at all and would keep her mouth closed. This simple device, designed by former Chief Dental Officer for England, Professor Raman Bedi, gently helps to keep the mouth open to ease the process.

Price: £5.82 with VAT relief


Tracking technology for dementia sufferers

There’s much debate around the ethical issues of using tracking devices for dementia, but such technology has the potential to ease worry. GPS shoe insoles have an in-built tracking device that enables carers to keep loved ones safe if they go out alone.

Price £239 with VAT relief


Dementia clock

Widely available, this clock displays a simplified face with the time of day as well as the day and date which can really ease confusion.

Price £54.99 with VAT relief


Eating set for dementia patients

Mum really struggled to feed herself. The bowl and spoon is angled to make scooping up food easier and the blue colour helps food stand out. The cup has a sturdy base to prevent spills.

Price £33.32 with VAT relief