Beldray PetPlus+ Multicyclonic vacuum review

Price: £50

Star rating: ★★★★

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3 year guarantee
Powerful & lightweight
Triple AAA class rating
2.5L dust container, large capacity
700w power
5m power cord
Washable HEPA filter
Telescopic extension tube

What they say: Versatile vacuum head, suitable for all floor types.
Flexible hose, ideal for stairs and hard-to-reach areas
Brush tool for upholstery and curtains
Crevice tool - reaches into awkward spaces and tight corners
Multi cyclonic technology powers through pet hair and dirt
Pet turbo brush -  powers through pet hair effortlessly

What our reviewer thought: One of the problems with vacs can be the weight. Most are pretty weighty beasts so a lot of effort is required to use them round the home and carry them upstairs. This model is a joy to use in that respect as it is so lightweight and ultimately very portable. 

I have a very hairy dog and a cat so there is always an abundance of unwanted pet hair on my floors. Having replaced all my downstairs carpets with hard flooring, I find myself sweeping them every day (sometimes more!) as the pet hairs tend to congregate in clumps, whereas on the upstairs carpets they lie like an extra covering on the carpets.  So, I was interested to test the Beldray PetPlus+ Multicyclonic vacuum with its pet turbo brush and versatile vacuum head.

As I say, it's surprisingly lightweight so is really easy to get out and get cleaning and a doddle to lift upstairs. It has quite a strong suction and a flick of the switch on the vac head allows you to switch from cleaning carpets to cleaning hard floors in seconds. I set to work on all my downstairs floors and found it really easy to use and more efficient than using a broom. The vac head is flexible so can adapt to the corners and awkward bits round furniture and the crevice tool, which easily fitted on the end, means you can hunt down every last hairball from its hiding place! Super efficient, I was very pleased with the result. I also used it on my leather three-piece suite which seems to accumulate hairs and crumbs trapped in the cushion sides. Difficult to access, the crevice tool came into its own!

 On the stairs, because it is lightweight, it's easy to move around and you don't have to worry about it falling on you as you bend over individual steps. The 5m power cord (which winds back in itself at the touch of a button) gives a convenient long reach. The stair cleaning attachment is easy to fit and does a top job of lifting dirt, hair and dust.


 The telescopic extension tube is ideal for getting up to those hard-to-reach areas such as the coving on ceilings which always seems to gather dust and cobwebs - I found myself getting quite carried away – and again, it's easy to do this sort of cleaning because the machine is so lightweight and flexible.

 The one area where it did fall down a bit was on carpets. A flick of a switch on the vac head to carpet mode seemed to affect the smooth vacuuming action and I found myself having to push the head back and forwards quite vigorously to get it to pick up the dirt efficiently. It's a shame because the suction is quite strong.

 Despite that, it does a brilliant job on hard floors, the 2.5L dust container is amply large and means you don't have to go emptying it every five minutes. It's child's play to remove and empty into a bin and simply clicks back into position.

There's a Hepa (high-efficiency particulate air) filter designed to help trap harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke, and this is both washable and reusable - very handy if you have pets.

 Overall, I was impressed with the Beldray PetPlus+ Multicyclonic vac. It did a fine job of keeping pet hairs at bay, was easy to manoeuvre on the stairs and had a handy selection of attachments. Just not so good on carpets. If you have mainly hard floors in your home, I reckon it's an affordable investment.

Available to buy exclusively from Wilko stores from March 10th, 2019