Beldray Cordless Vac Lite review

Beldray Cordless Vac Lite review
Product: Beldray 22.2v Cordless Quick Vac Lite 2in1 Vacuum Cleaner  Price: £55.00 - available exclusively at  Wilko   Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

Product: Beldray 22.2v Cordless Quick Vac Lite 2in1 Vacuum Cleaner

Price: £55.00 - available exclusively at Wilko

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

What they say ….

If you are short of storage space or simply dislike using heavy upright vacuum cleaners, this cordless Beldray Quick Vac Lite is the perfect choice. With powerful suction and a high efficiency floor brush, it provides impressive cleaning and collects dirt in the bagless 600ml dust container. Easily convertible to a handheld unit for floor to ceiling cleaning, the rechargeable 22.2 V lithium-ion battery supplies power for up to 45 minutes, so you can enjoy quick and convenient cordless cleaning.

What our reviewer says ….

My husband and I have, for a few years, wanted to invest in a good, cordless vacuum but we’ve held back for the very fact that, with such a wide range of cordless vacuums on the market with differing and sometimes conflicting reviews, choosing the right one to buy is just that much harder. Add to this the fact that many of our friends are ‘Dyson’ aficionados, the pressure to invest £250.00 - £500.00 is a bit frightening to say the least! Luckily, we were sent this super little cordless vacuum just in time and all I can say to both Wilko and Beldray is ‘thank you, thank you, thank you!!’.


Beldray Quick Vac Lite w

From the get-go, this amazingly priced vacuum (we still cannot believe it costs just £55.00!!) impressed us. The vacuum is easy to start using from the box and clean (it comes with a helpful manual to take you easily through the steps), is light to use both in hand-held mode and with the telescopic tube. The vacuum also comes complete with a charger and with x3 other handy attachments, which will make cleaning your stairs and various other crevices in your home a complete doddle!

Beldray Quick Vac Lite x

We have a two bedroom flat with a staircase and space is limited in our home, so another super facet of this vacuum is that it really does fit into a spare drawer we have (the picture on Wilko’s website showing this, is no lie, it really does fit in one!). 

 The vacuum comes with x2 power settings and we found we could clean both the inside of our home and car, all within the 45 minute battery life time if the vacuum is used on the lower setting.  As the vacuum is so light, we found we could keep on top of vacuuming and so, more often than not, have got into the habit of needing to use the lower power setting. The vacuum  also adapts well and maintains suction when going from carpeted to hard flooring.

As the vacuum has a 600ml dust container, when vacuuming our home after a week, we found we had to empty the container at least twice but as this is easy to do, we didn’t find this too much of a nuisance. Once on top of our vacuuming, we had to empty the container less often.  It is at this part in the review that we must say, this vacuum is better suited to smaller homes. If you do have a larger home, you will likely need to recharge and empty the container more often than we did. Whilst it is not billed as a pet friendly vacuum, if you do have a small pet it will pick up hair but just be prepared to have to empty the container and clean the filter a bit more regularly then if you don’t own a pet. 

In conclusion ….

We love this little vacuum! It looks great, is compact, light and easy to use and although it might not be the most powerful vacuum, on the market, it performs well if you keep on top of your vacuuming.

Vacuuming is no longer a chore in our house and it needn’t be in yours anymore. So, rather than paying out for a cordless vac, give this one a try and use the savings for a tasty meal out or weekend away. Sometimes, paying less does mean you get more, as this vacuum testifies!

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