What to do if you see a dog trapped in a car in the hot weather

What to do if you see a dog trapped in a car in the hot weather

With the UK currently in the middle of a scorching heatwave, it can be hard for even us humans to cool down, never mind our pets. Its important to know how to take care of your pet during these hot months, however some owners have been known to leave their dogs burning up in their car. 

How to keep your pets cool in the heat

This can be fatal to dogs and they should never be left alone in a car for more than a few minutes as temperatures rise at a rapid rate in vehicles and sadly it doesn't take long for a dog to overheat and die from heatstroke. If you see a dog in a car in hot weather, you should do the following. 

  1. Look for signs of heatstroke - if the dog is panting, heavily, drooling excessively, looks lethargic or has collapsed or is vomiting, you should call 999 immediately.

  2. If the emergency services are delayed or the dog looks in a critical state, the only solution may be to try and break a window to get the dog out of the vehicle. However, there are a few steps you must take in order for this not to be considered criminal damage.

  3. Keep in mind that the law states you have a lawful excuse to commit damage if you believe the owner would consent to the damage if they knew the circumstance.

  4. Let the police know that you are planning on breaking the window to save the dog.

  5. Evidence - make sure you capture video evidence of the dog suffering so the police are aware that the dog needed urgent help. You should also get the names and numbers of any witnesses.

  6. Once the dog is out of the vehicle take him/her to a shaded area and cover them in water whilst giving them small amounts of cool water.