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Four ways to keep your pets cool in the heat

PetsBauer Xceladvice, Dogs, Pets
Four ways to keep your pets cool in the heat

We know that we humans should keep hydrated in the sun but we shouldn't forget our pets. As temperatures soar there are a number of ways to protect our furry friends from the heat.

1. Choose the right spot for your pets

Keep your pets in cool shaded places as much as you can and never leave them in the car unattended. If you must exercise your pet during the day then walk them on grass and avoid hot tarmac.

2. Groom your pets regularly to get rid of any excess hair

In this heat that extra hair will only be increasing your pet’s body temperature. Fetch’s range of Furminator products make removing excess hair easy peasy.

3. Keep your pets hydrated at all times

It sounds obvious but it’s crucial to remember whether you’re at home or out and about that your pet needs access to a fresh supply of water. The Drinkwell Pet Fountain (£26.99) keeps water fresh by filtering and moving it continuously, enticing your pet to drink more in the hot weather. The Animal Instinct Travel Water Bottle (RRP: £2.29 – £2.99) is the perfect way to ensure your pet stays hydrated on the go.

4. Give your pets the tools to keep cool

The best way to help your pets forget about the heat is to keep them entertained. Find your pet a cool place in the shade with some toys to chew and they’ll be happy.
    •    The Hugs Hydro Ball (£7.99) will give your pet something chew and keep them cool at the same time. All you have to do is soak the hydro bone in water, which will then be released through the ball’s holes as your dog chews and plays.
    •    The Fat Cat Kitty Beach Ball (RRP: £9.99) allows cats to travel to their own paradise island without leaving the house. The Fat Cat Kitty Beach Ball is perfect for scratching, playing and saving your new summer garden furniture.
    •    West Paw Design Zogoflex Jive Large Green (RRP: £15.45 – £16.30) is a super-durable dog ball that will keep your four legged friend content all day long.

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