5 top tips for keeping the cost of your dog down

5 top tips for keeping the cost of your dog down

We all love our four-legged friends but they can be an expensive addition to the family, costing us around £13,000 over their lifetime! The animal experts at Armitage Pet Care share their tips for looking after your pooch without breaking the bank.

1. Change a dog's life for the better

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, why not look into adoption? There are thousands of dogs in shelters in need of a good home. Rescue animals have often already been microchipped, vaccinated and neutered and can be yours for a rehoming fee or just a small donation to fund the charitable cause.

A dog costs £13,000 over its lifetime

2. Buy the right food

  • Allergies and intolerances Like humans, dogs can be affected by allergies and intolerances, which can lead to costly trips to the vets. Sometimes, simply changing their diet solves the problem. Foods such as Wafcol, which have been carefully formulated for sensitive stomachs, could be the solution
  • Leave out the leftovers Giving leftovers may seem like a good way to keep costs down, but it can be harmful to your dog. The problem with meat leftovers is that it’s often mainly just fat and bones, both of which are dangerous for dogs. Fat, both cooked and uncooked can cause pancreatitis and bones splinter very easily and are a choking hazard
  • Leave out the veg Some vegetables are poisonous to dogs including onions and garlic, as are some fruit pits, seeds and various nuts - so care should taken to make sure what your pet is getting is safe
  • Prepare and cook meal well Most dogs are fine eating lean cuts of meat that have been thoroughly cooked and have had all visible fat, including skin, and bones removed
  • Avoid raw meat Feeding dogs any raw meat should be avoided as this can contain bacteria that causes food poisoning. So make sure any meat that you are going to give dogs is properly cooked. Similarly to humans, raw or under-cooked pork can cause trichinellosis
  • Don’t give processed meats These contains harmful additives and flavourings and normally have a high salt content
  • Remove dressings and sauces These can also be harmful so remove the outer layer of meat if you are going to give it to your dog
  • Buy a reputable dog food brand This will contain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients required on a daily basis.
  • Buy in bulk To help save a pretty penny!

3. Use a pet-sitter rather than the kennels

When the kennels cost the same as a week in the sun, you might wonder if you should even go away! Try forming a circle of fellow pet owners and help each other out. Your dog will get to spend quality time with a person they’re already familiar with and you don’t have to fork out on the costly kennel bills.

4. A healthy dog is a happy dog

Cut down on expensive trips to the vets with preventive care. Keep on top of vaccinations and flea drops and make sure your dog gets plenty of regular exercise and has a good diet. As difficult as those eyes are to ignore, don’t turn your pup into a doggy dustbin! If you want to treat your pooch, there are plenty of options made with natural produce such as Good Boy’s new fish treat range, Captain Jack’s.

5. DIY grooming

Professional grooming services can be pricey, so investing in the right tools and doing it yourself at home can be an easy way to reduce costs. Regular brushing will remove any matted or old hair, while wipe-downs after a muddy walk cut down on the need for baths.

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