8 new hobbies to try this year

8 new hobbies to try this year

It’s a myth that it gets harder to learn new things as you get older, there’s no reason why you can’t try something new, whatever your age. In fact expanding your knowledge and finding new creative outlets can keep you mentally agile, help to relieve stress and strengthen your connections with those around you.

In Ricki and the Flash, out now on Blu-ray and DVD, we see Meryl Streep’s character take a break from performing with her band to return home and re-connect with her troubled daughter. Meryl learned to play guitar for the film and sang all the songs herself, looking every inch the bonafide rock star!

If Meryl can do it then so can you, here are some suggestions for new things to try in 2016.

  1. Learn an instrument, why not try the ukulele? It’s simpler than the guitar and can be played using easy-to-follow chord tabs, so even if you haven’t played music before you should be able to master a few basic songs to impress friends and family with.
  2. Take a dance class – do you ever watch Strictly Come Dancing and think how lovely it would be to be able to dance like that? There are loads of dance classes available to try, from ballroom to flamenco and even belly dancing. Take a friend, or even your partner – it’s a wonderful way to bond and a great form of exercise.
  3. Get back in touch with nature. Modern living can sometimes make us feel a bit strung out scatter-brained, but spending time outside amongst the birds and the bees can do wonders for our wellbeing. Why not try a camping experience where you learn how to forage for food and cook delicious meals using wild ingredients, or if you’re feeling more energetic then rambling or even wild swimming should do the trick.
  4. Pottery classes are having a real moment right now and it’s easy to see why, making something beautiful with your hands is one of the most satisfying experiences there is. The added bonus being you can make thoughtful and unique gifts for friends and family.
  5. Furniture upcycling is great for those who relish getting stuck into a project, with ideas for all levels of experience – from recovering a lampshade to painting a dresser, or even building simple furniture out of old pallets. There are plenty of workshops to try, plus you reap the benefits by creating something useful and beautiful for your home. Check out Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.
  6. Dog sitting. If you’re an animal lover but unable to have pets of your own then this is perfect for you – simply sign up online and start looking after dogs when their owners go on holiday. Perfect for long country walks, great for your health and proven to reduce stress, you’ll also make some extra money for those little luxuries in life.
  7. Etching onto wood - with a little practice and some small tools you can transform wooden chopping boards, salad servers and jewellery boxes into unique personalised gifts.
  8. Join a local choir. Not only is this a wonderful way to sing you heart out without feeling embarrassed or too exposed, but regular singing increases the oxygen in your body, improves lung capacity, strengthens abdominal muscles and reduces stress, plus doing it in a group can be a great bonding experience.
  • Ricki and the Flash is out now on Blu-ray and DVD
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