The future of our tea-drinking habits revealed!

The future of our tea-drinking habits revealed!

The days of the humble tea bag could be numbered as our cuppa is set to undergo a radical transformation over the next decade - and we will soon be taking our tea via jelly, tablets and even spray, according to experts.

With Brits consuming 165 million cups of tea every day, experts at Tetley have teamed up with Futurologists to predict what the nation’s favourite beverage could look like in 2026.

Sensor-powered kitchen tea-makers will deliver customised blends based on health information from ‘wearable tech’ – ensuring for instance that extra caffeine and vitamin B6 is added if the consumer is feeling tired.

By 2026, hardened tea drinkers will have become 'domestic blenders' - using smart tools and taking advantage of rising temperatures to grow tea plants at home and then blend and brew the leaves themselves.

And instead of simply putting the kettle on, tipplers will be able to take tea in the form of jelly, tablet, spray, sorbets and syrups, according to the report by the Tetley’s Super Tea Range.

While tea has always been renowned for its health-giving properties, in 2026, Remedy Teas will emerge, enriched with medicines from pain killers to antibiotics, as well as ready-made blends to help a range of ailments – including a hangover and hair loss.

High-street coffee shops are also set to face a serious challenge from 'tea-total' chains offering an array of exotic tastes and flavours.

Laurent Sagarra at Tetley Global, said: "The way we consume tea has gradually evolved since the 17th century, but now we are entering a period of rapid change.

"There are many possibilities, from medicinal blends to tea tabs, but one thing is for sure – a quality brew will continue to be a timeless pleasure!"