Should photography be banned at the school nativity?

Should photography be banned at the school nativity?

The annual Christmas nativity play is a lovely tradition we enjoy to watch children in every year. Making costumes and helping our little ones learn their lines is so much fun, and seeing their little faces light up when they see you in the audience is a joy.

But were you allowed to take photographs of the performance? With the rise in popularity of camera phones and social media, many rules have been forced to change, surrounding the photography of children. Whilst most parents will only show close friends and family photos of their children in the nativity, there are those who share photos and videos to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately, we are all aware that the internet can be a very dark place, and if photos of children manage to get in the hands of the wrong individual, it can be devastating. This has caused many schools to ban photography and filming of any child during a school play, causing disappointment amongst many parents and grandparents as they cannot record these precious memories.

Whilst many parents have serious reservations about their child’s images being shared on social media, most parents are happy for their child’s nativity play to be photographed or filmed, permitting parents won’t share them online. 

Every school has different rules for this and whilst some teachers ask parents’ permission before allowing photography or filming, other schools either ban cameras altogether or allow parents to photograph and film as they please. But is this fair? Let us know what you think the best solution is.