Best massage guns to suit every budget

Massage guns can be expensive pieces of kit, here's why you should invest in the best massage gun UK.

Best massage guns to suit every budget  - Sport Physical Pain Physiotherapy And Muscle Recovery

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Whether you have sore, tight muscles after exercise that need a little TLC, or you’re in need of some deep-tissue relief similar to a body massage, then finding the best massage guns can help. They’re a natural way to relieve tight muscles, increase blood flow and help regular gym-goers with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). There are two different ways that massage guns do this: using either percussion therapy or vibration therapy.

Unlike a back massager, which specifically targets just one area of your body or a foam roller which requires quite a bit of manoeuvring, a massage gun is easy to use and can be used across the entire body. It's also a very compact bit of equipment too, with many massage guns coming with travel cases. Plus, a lot of designs are small enough to fit inside your gym bag. A scalp massager will fit nearly in your bag. On the other hand, a massage chair certainly wouldn't.

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Massage guns range in price too, with cheaper models starting at around £40, while more expensive designs can range up to £150 plus. As well as carrying out extensive research into the best massage guns currently on the market, a number of our team here at Yours have also put a few to the test to see just how well they function and if they’re really worth the buck. They'll pair perfectly with some soothing and nourishing massage oil, too.

Best massage guns at a glance:

• Best lightweight massage gun: Hyperice, Hypervolt Go Massage Gun 2 - View on Amazon UK
• Best portable massage gun: Theragun mini - View on Therabody
• Best original massage gun: Theragun Elite - View on Therabody

We have found 16 different massage guns to suit every budget. Whether you're happy to splurge on the best sports massage guns or hoping to count the pennies with a cheap massage gun, we've got you covered.

Best massage guns to buy this year

Best lightweight massage gun

Save 23%

HYPERICE - Hypervolt Go - Massage Gun

Rrp: £129.00

Price: £129.00


Our review: "I've previously relied on foam rollers to ease my muscles after a heavy HIIT


  • Only weighs 700g
  • Good for a gym bag and travel
  • 3 speeds of percussion
  • Approved by TSA for carry-on


  • Would be nice to have more than two attachment heads
  • Only three hours of battery life

Best mini massage gun


Our review: “I gym around four times a week and do a lot of weightlifting, which puts a lot of


  • Uses percussive therapy to stimulate your muscles and reduce pain
  • Five hours of battery
  • Comes with accessories and storage box
  • Made from aerospace-grade aluminum


  • A mini may need be required for everybody

Best hot and cold massage gun

Save 20%

Massage Gun Donnerberg

Rrp: £224.00

Price: £224.00


Our review: "As someone who suffers from joint pain, I was keen to try the Donnerberg Massage


  • Comes with six attachments
  • Comes in a convenient storage box
  • Made with aluminium
  • User-friendly


  • Some may not need it to be high-tech

Best heat treatment massage gun

Save 39%

HoMedics Pro Power Handheld Physiotherapy Massager Gun

Rrp: £299.99

Price: £199.99
Alternative retailers
Lookfantastic£299.99View offer
Boots£299.99View offer


Our review: "I've used a cheaper massage gun before and found it beneficial but wasn't blown


  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful


  • Made from plastic may not be as durable

Best massager for sore knees


Our review: "Not strictly a massage gun, we know, but a brilliant complimentary addition if


  • Made with a breathable, moisture-wicking polyester
  • Charges via USB-cable


  • Just for knees

Best portable massage gun

Theragun mini
Price: £135 (Was £174)


Our review: "This changed my life - it's a bold statement, but it's true. I had a car accident


  • Compact but mighty
  • Bluetooth-enabled to access whole library of personalised wellness routines 
  • Two colours: black and rose


  • Could come with more heads

Best for design


Our review: “Since being involved in a car accident when I was a teenager, I’ve suffered on


  • Good value for money
  • Comes in a bag
  • Four attachments


  • Gets hot quickly while using it

Best original massage gun

Theragun Elite
Price: £249 (Was £375)


Like the sound of the Theragun Mini? Well, you can take it one step further with the Theragun


  • Compatible with app
  • Can be synced with routine
  • Good value


  • One reviewer says it's loud

Best plug-in massage gun


Not technically a gun per se, but still a handheld device that will improve blood flow and loosen


  • Adjustable intensity
  • Affordable option
  • Corded if that is your preference


  • Heavy to hold for long periods
  • One speed setting

Best massage guns FAQs

How do I choose a massage gun?

It's been 14 years since the Theragun was born, and the massage gun market has boomed; there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of options available. Although this equipment is still predominately used by athletes, additional people around the world are using this tool to improve muscular pain when suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis, speed up rehabilitation and get a deep tissue massage.

Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a massage gun, you need to understand what you want this machine to do as well as set yourself a price range - as these devices can end up costing hundreds of pounds. If you need one to combat serious aches and pains, you’ll want to allow yourself a bigger budget. Also think about the noise, quality of the product and the speeds. If it's your back that needs help, we recommend a back massager.

Love a deep tissue massage - but need something more thorough? Read our tried and tested review of the Donnerberg Premium Neck and Shoulder Massager, which we were very impressed with.

How do massage guns work?

The best massage guns use attachment heads to apply pressure to target areas by using vibration or percussive therapy. Percussion massage is when speedy, short pulses from your massage gun hit into the soft tissue on your body. Not only does this help increase the blood flow in the areas you're targeting, but it encourages growth and repairs damaged muscles too. Whereas vibration therapy uses vibrations to make your muscles contract and relax. As well as these benefits, it also increases bone density, reduces joint pain and boosts metabolism.

Are massage guns worth it?

Yes, if you purchase a decent massage gun and buy one for your requirements. For example, if you're an athlete, there are massage guns on our list that have been designed by chiropractors for performance and recovery. Whereas, if you're just looking for a massager that will help you relax after a long day, a cheaper model can cut it.

It’s also important to use it correctly. A lot of people will whizz a massage gun over their body and wonder why they’re not feeling any benefits from it. Move the massage gun slowly along your muscles and take your time spending around one to two minutes on a particular muscle. If you come across an area that feels uncomfortable, then spend a little more time there. But, don’t push down with the massage gun.

Most brands will also allow you to return the device if you find it isn’t right for you either. So, this takes a little of the pressure off if you do make an expensive purchase and find it isn’t for you.

Are cheap massage guns any good?

As mentioned above, cheap massage guns can still be a good investment, depending on what you’re using it for. If you’re a hardcore gym-goer, you’re better off investing in a more expensive gun as the technology. After all, the pressure it will offer will be better. But if you’re just looking to relax your muscles, then a cheaper model will do. If you do want a massager to last for years to come, it's worth splashing out on an expensive model. These devices will usually come with a bigger warranty and will be more cost-effective in the long run.

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