15 of the best massage guns to suit every budget

Massage guns can be expensive pieces of kit, here's why you should invest in the best massage gun UK.

Best massage guns to suit every budget  - Sport Physical Pain Physiotherapy And Muscle Recovery

by Lily Anderson |

You're not alone when it comes to sore, knotted muscles. According to Arthritis Research UK, one in six people in the UK suffers from back pain. That said, there's one simple solution that you can try from home - the best massage guns.

Massage guns are a relatively new invention; back in 2007 after chiropractor Jason Werseland had a motorcycle accident he built the first massage gun, Theragun.

For anyone looking for natural ways to beat joint pain, you'll be glad to know that this solution really works. It does so by encouraging your muscles to heal by improving circulation. There are two different ways that massagers do this: using percussion or vibration therapy.

However, massage guns don't just ease back pain - benefits also include relieving stress and tension, improving circulation in the body, increasing mobility, and aiding sleep.

How do I choose a massage gun?

It's been 14 years since the Theragun was born, and the massage gun market has boomed; there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of options available. Although this equipment is still predominately used by athletes, additional people around the world are using this tool to improve muscular pain, speed up rehabilitation and get a deep tissue massage.

Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a massage gun, you need to understand what you want this machine to do as well as set yourself a price range - as these devices can end up costing hundreds of pounds.

Lucky for you, we have found 15 different massage guns to suit every budget. Whether you're happy to splurge on the best sports massage guns or hoping to count the pennies with a cheap massage gun, we've got you covered.

The best massage guns

Massage gun FAQs

How do massage guns work?

So now that you know massagers encourage your muscles to heal by improving circulation. It's time to break down how this equipment actually works. These massagers use attachment heads to apply pressure to target areas by using vibration or percussive therapy. But what are the benefits of them both?

Percussion massage vs vibration therapy

Percussion massage is when speedy, short pulses from your massage gun hit into the soft tissue on your body. Not only does this help increase the blood flow in the areas you're targeting, but it encourages growth and repairs damaged muscles too.

Whereas vibration therapy uses vibrations to make your muscles contract and relax. As well as these benefits it also increases bone density, reduces joint pain and boosts metabolism.

Are massage guns worth it?

As a massage gun can end up costing hundreds of pounds, it's essential to understand if these devices are worth it. Here at Yours, we believe the benefits of reducing muscle pain and stiffness (as well as increasing blood flow), make it a worthwhile purchase.

That said, the most important thing you need to know is what your requirements for a massager are.

If you're an athlete, there are massage guns on this list that have been designed by chiropractors for performance and recovery. Whereas, if you're just looking for a massager that will help you relax after a long day, a cheaper model can cut it.

We'd recommend choosing a budget and sticking to it; the best way to know whether a massage gun will be worth it is by reading reviews, understanding the warranty and giving the device a go.

Are cheap massage guns any good?

OK, so we've practically answered this above, but we want to hit home that cheap massage guns are worth it, especially for anyone watching their monthly spending.

However, if you want a massager to last for years to come, it's worth splashing out for an expensive model as these devices will usually come with a bigger warranty and will be more cost-effective in the long run.

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