8 of the best massage oils to help you relax after a stressful day

Pretend you're at the spa with our round-up of relaxing massage oils.

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by Tiffany Wallis |

Massages are an indulgent pastime, especially when they're done with some luxurious massage oil to let the tension slip right off your body. It is the perfect end to a long day. You’ll often feel much more relaxed after massaging all your pressure points with aromatic oil to soothe sore muscles. It's time to unwind with the best massage oils.

Massaging is the art of rubbing and kneading different parts of the body, back, legs, arms, shoulders and head. It helps aid relaxation, release muscle knots and ease tension. Oils are the best for massages because they're lightweight - so it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. This helps your hands glide across your body.

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The best massage oils have longer-lasting skincare benefits. They’re deliciously scented, immaculately formulated, and leave your body feeling super soft and moisturised. Booking in for a massage is something we can all do, but if you fancy a little me-time at home, you can do the job yourself with the help of some massage oil.

Transport yourself to a tranquil spa with the best massage oils. These lot will lock in moisture and also add a touch of luxury to those tough days.

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Why use massage oil?

Qualified beauty therapist, holistic therapist and massage therapist, Kirsty Mawhinney, said: “Oils are best for massage as they provide slip and glide without feeling heavy and sticky.

“Your hands want to be able to caress the contours of your body in one flowing motion. The aroma of an oil can have a subtle effect on the body, helping to boost your mood or provide a deep sense of calm. Try dry body brushing the skin prior to using an oil as this will help lift off dry skin and improve circulation in preparation for the nourishing oil.”

Meanwhile, Myrachle Ciupagea - founder of Myrachle Spa Rituals - said: "The best massage oils are those that excite your senses whilst making sure your wellbeing is looked after."

She also added: “You may be feeling exhausted and stressed. But your skin may also feel in need of repair and nourishment. Thankfully there are many ways you can make sure you’re doing the right self-care. I’d recommend choosing between body balms with a higher concentration of essential oils that effectively aid nourishment, skin repair and protection.

“With their unique rich texture and aromatic scent, body balms add a luxurious touch ideal for massage.”

Keep reading for the very best massage oils for every budget, scent preference, and level of hydration.

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