The best scalp massager for hair growth

Discover the benefits of introducing a scalp massager into your routine.

best hair massager for hair growth

by Georgia Scott |

Are you looking for new ways to encourage hair growth? If you're finding that your hair feels like it's thinning and needs a little boost, you should introduce a scalp massager into your hair washing routine.

We all should take time out of our week to have a pamper, especially when it means focusing on self-care. Taking time to massage and stimulate the scalp has proven results that it encourages hair to grow.

Why is scalp massaging beneficial?

Skincare and haircare brand, Vichy has an expert page dedicated to scalp massage and how it can benefit and boost hair growth. The reason that scientists believe a scalp massage can improve hair growth is 'twofold'. “The most important factor is the stimulation of the blood vessels when massaged", says dermatologist Dr Nina Roos.

She explains that with more blood flowing through the scalp, the follicles receive more nutrients and oxygen, which promotes faster growth of healthy hair. Studies have shown that after only four minutes of scalp massage per day for several weeks, there was a significant increase in the progression of the hair cycle.

How should you use a scalp massager?

One of the best ways to use a scalp massaging brush is as you're shampooing your hair. This will intensify your shampoo and make your hair feel extra clean, whilst stimulating new hair growth.

What to look for when shopping for a scalp massager?

Looking for a scalp massager with a silicone brush is beneficial when using a brush in water. Brushes made of silicone are both hygienic and antibacterial, ideal for keeping the hair looking and feeling super clean.

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