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15 signs you've turned into your mother

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15 signs you've turned into your mother

Remember being a teenager when everything your mum did drove you up the wall? You'd never have believed it then, but of course at some point you were destined to take on a lot of her traits yourself.

A study by Interflora found that most people 'turn into' their mothers in their 20s and take around five years to fully embrace their new characteristics.

The study also revealed the most common ‘mum habits’ which people first start to inherit from their mothers. How many do you recognise?

  1. Hoarding carrier bags
  2. Swapping nights out for nights in
  3. Beginning to let comfort win over style
  4. Always writing shopping lists
  5. Often moaning about the weather
  6. Having a bag that weighs a tonne
  7. Constantly tidying up
  8. Starting to complain more – especially about the weather and bad customer service
  9. Buying in bulk when there’s an offer on at a supermarket
  10. Having an emergency medical supplies stash
  11. Developing a ‘phone voice’
  12. Carrying an emergency pound coin in your purse
  13. Ironing everything, including pillowcases and underwear
  14. Modern music starts to sound the same
  15. Carrying tissues up your sleeve

While these habits drove us mad as youngsters, as we get older - and particularly after we have lost our mothers - they can feel strangely comforting. And it's a whole new experience when you start recognising your own behaviour in your adult children!

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