Cooks Professional Mixer review

Cooks Professional Five Litre Stand Mixer


Rating: ★★★★½ (4.5/5)


They say...

The ultimate kitchen companion, this stylish stand mixer has a powerful 800W motor to help you create delicious homemade food from scratch. With a choice of three attachments this stand mixer will tackle almost anything, from preparing fluffy meringues and cakes to mixing and kneading bread dough. 


What our reviewer thought...

As a Bake Off fan, I’m always so envious of the shiny new equipment the contestants get to use - particularly the Kitchen Aid mixers - which not only look great on the counter, but look super handy if you’re in a rush. But with a hefty price tag of £399, I could never justify buying one of my own. So when I saw the Cooks Professional Mixer priced at only £79.00, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

I really enjoy baking, but I often don’t have time to fit it into my busy schedule. But using this appliance made the whole process so speedy, effortless and mess-free! I was really impressed by the six different speed options and the three removable attachments, which prevents you from overworking or underworking your ingredients and helps you to create the right consistency for a variety of mixture types. The removable plastic guard is a handy feature to have, although it’s only really needed if mixing something very runny. Otherwise, you can put it to one side, as it can be a little tricky to remove and replace when you need to scrape the mixture from the sides.  

The mixer itself felt sturdy without being too heavy. It only shook a little when on the highest setting, but even then, it still felt safe and secure. Each attachment is straightforward to remove and feels quite robust. The bowl is a good size – not too big, not too small and the mixer itself didn’t dominate our small kitchen. With six different colours to choose from, I think this appliance could look great in any home. I chose the silver model to suit my contemporary kitchen, but if you’re a fan of the retro style, the red or cream mixers would make great options.

My overall verdict: This stylish mixer would make a perfect gift for both beginners and any aspiring Mary Berry’s. It’s easy to operate and is particularly handy for those who don’t have much spare time or struggle to mix by hand. It’s versatility means that you can rely on it to help execute great cakes, desserts and breads and costs a fraction of that which the higher-end brands command. I’ll never go back to mixing by hand again!