Best trainers for plantar fasciitis in the UK to keep feet comfortable

Put the spring back into your step with trainers that offer comfort and support.

Best trainers for plantar fasciitis UK

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Dealing with the pain caused by plantar fasciitis can be challenging but selecting the right footwear, like the best trainers for plantar fasciitis, can make a world of difference. If you suffer from the condition, you know how uncomfortable it can be just simply walking around and going about your every day life. That’s why finding a pair of good-quality trainers that will provide extra support and cushioning is vital for anyone experiencing the symptoms.

If you’re not sure what is plantar fasciitis, it essentially stems from straining the plantar fascia, which is a band of tissue linking your heel bone to the base of your toes. The condition is actually more common than you might think. According to the West Suffolk NHS Trust, around one in 10 people in the UK will get plantar fasciitis at some time in their lives. The main characteristic of the condition is pain on the bottom of your foot, around your heel and arch, making it very painful to walk on. While the best trainers for plantar fasciitis won’t make the discomfort go away completely, it will make a big difference having trainers with arch support and cushioned heels.

Best trainers for plantar fasciitis at a glance:

•  Best trainers for plantar fasciitis overall: FitVille Women's Rebound Core Shoes – view on FitVille
•  Best plantar fasciitis trainers for walking: Hoka Challenger 7 – view on Hoka
•  Best orthopaedic plantar fasciitis trainers: Vionic Walker Women's Trainers – view on Amazon UK

While some companies, such as Fitville, make trainers specifically for plantar fasciitis, it isn’t all that common to have specific trainers for the condition, so when searching for the best plantar fasciitis trainers, it’s important to know what features to look for in your chosen footwear. As well as arch support and cushioned heels, you’ll want to look for trainers that have effective shock absorption properties. This is to reduce the impact of each step on your foot, which will take pressure off the areas affected by plantar fasciitis. The right trainers will give you proper support to prevent you from making the injury worse while helping to improve your mobility by ensuring every step you take is as comfortable as possible.

The beauty of trainers is that they are a versatile footwear choice and can be worn for many different purposes, and it’s no different when looking for a pair of specialist footwear. Whether you’re looking for trainers for walking, supportive workout shoes, or simply something comfy that you can slip on day-to-day, you’ll find a pair of shoes to suit your needs in our guide to the best trainers for plantar fasciitis.

Best trainers for plantar fasciitis UK

Best trainers for plantar fasciitis overall

FitVille Women's Rebound Core ShoesFitVille

With an ergonomic arch support and a shock-absorbing design, the FitVille Women's Rebound Core Shoes are made to offer relief to areas where plantar fasciitis causes pain, including the bottom of your foot, around your heel and your arch. Ideal for those with wide feet, they're made with an extra roomy toe box and a high instep so you can say goodbye to cramped feet that you may get with other trainers. The combination of slip-resistant rubber outsoles and a dual-density EVA midsole for extra comfort make these FitVille trainers a top choice.

Customer review: "Great service. The shoes are absolutely amazing, like wearing pillows on my feet all day. I can walk for miles in them and my feet don't ache or burn at all. They are lovely and wide, so plenty of room for my feet."


  • Supportive sole that provides comfort as well as heel, arch and ankle support
  • Wide toe box
  • Half sizes available


  • May not be a great choice for you if you have narrow feet as they're only available in wide and extra wide width fittings

Best plantar fasciitis trainers for walking

Hoka Challenger 7Hoka

Bringing together a simple mesh upper with a soft foam inner, the Hoka Challenger 7 trainers have been recognised by the Royal College of Podiatry for being beneficial to foot health. The compression-moulded EVA foam midsole has a plush feel, providing comfort to areas affected by plantar fasciitis. What makes these trainers so great for walking and running is that they have a durabrasion rubber outsole that is designed to adapt to any terrain so whether you're tackling a gravelly trail or gently strolling on the grass, you'll be more than equipped to take on the terrain in front of you.

Customer review: "I've been wearing Hokas since my Foot Dr suggested them after having plantar fasciitis. This is my second pair & I absolutely love them! Great arch support so comfortable. Perfect for walking & running. Highly recommend!"


  • Plush feeling midsole for extra comfort
  • Endorsed by podiatrists
  • Designed for use on all terrain


  • Some reviewers felt they were on the narrower side

Best orthopaedic plantar fasciitis trainers

Vionic Walker Women's TrainersVionic/Amazon UK
Price: $100+

Offering stability, cushioning, arch support and flexibility, the Vionic Walker Women's Trainers are designed to help alleviate heel pain often caused by plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. They're equipped with 'vio motion' technology, created by the brand to help correct pronation while promoting full-body alignment. They have a special orthotic insole that will provide your arches with the extra cushioning and support they need to ensure you can keep moving with maximum comfort.

Customer review: "Fantastic athletic shoes if you have plantar fasciitis! Comfortable and pain-free; what else can I ask for?!"


  • Designed to help alleviate heel pain
  • Promotes full-body alignment
  • Orthopaedic sole


  • Can feel tight and uncomfortable when you first put them on but you need to allow time to break them in

Best for everyday comfort

Skechers Arch Fit - Keep It UpSketchers

Run your daily errands in complete supportive comfort by wearing the Skechers Arch Fit - Keep It Up trainers. Sketchers has used 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans to design these shoes so everything about them, from the shoe to the insole inside, has been developed with the help of podiatrists. Featuring a breathable engineered knit super in a Stretch Fit pull-on style trainer, they promise sock-like comfort with a Sketchers Arch Fit insole for arch support, which helps mould to your foot to reduce shock and increase weight dispersion to take some of the pressure off the parts of your foot where plantar fasciitis is causing you pain.

Customer review: "These are so comfortable right out of the box. I have plantar fasciitis but I can wear these all day with no pain!"


  • Sock-style comfort
  • Easy to pull on
  • Inner sole helps disperse weight to take pressure off certain parts of your foot


  • Wide fit not available

Best plantar fasciitis trainers for pronation control

Asics GT-2000 12 TrainersAsics

The Asics GT-2000 12 trainers are a great option for those with overpronation, which is quite common for people with plantar fasciitis to have, as they help with pronation control. If you're not sure what that is, it is all to do with the way your foot lands on surfaces when you walk or run. Those with overpronation tend to put extra pressure on certain parts of their foot as the 'shock' of your landing isn't absorbed evenly throughout your foot. These trainers are designed to provide extra stability by guiding your foot in a natural way and it has PureGEL technology to improve softness on your feet with added shock absorption to reduce impact. Inside there is an OrthoLite sock liner and FF blast plus foam which provide step-in comfort and lightweight cushioning.

Customer review: "I have a painful foot condition called plantar fasciitis and I don’t have any pain in my feet while I’m wearing these shoes. Very comfortable shoes and they look great."


  • Provide extra stability and shock absorbance
  • Comfortable and cushioning
  • Small reflective details for improved visibility in low-light conditions


  • One width available

Best budget trainers for plantar fasciitis

Akk Women's Lightweight TrainersAkk/Amazon UK
Price: £23.99

If you're on a budget and after a basic pair of trainers that will keep your feet cushioned throughout day-to-day wear, these Akk Women's Lightweight Trainers will fit the bill at under £25. With a memory foam insole and a soft and durable EVA sole providing you with enough buffer between your feet and the ground, these shoes will provide long-lasting comfort whether you're out for a relaxing walk or popping out to the shops. With over 2,000 reviews, they're a popular choice with Amazon customers.

Customer review: "Plantar fasciitis and tight Achilles tendon are what make my feet so painful. I'm genuinely shocked at how well the shoes help! They must have the right support in the right places. Really soft and spongey, too. Gonna buy more so I can wear a pair around the house, too."


  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Memory foam insole
  • Can be laced up and slipped on


  • Hand wash only

Best plantar fasciitis trainers for cushioning

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v13 ShoesNew Balance

As those with plantar fasciitis know, having the condition can make it feel like you've got a stabbing pain in your heel whenever you walk, but the New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v13 Shoes should help alleviate some of it as they're super cushioning. They're designed with lots of foam, both underfoot and throughout the midsole, which will make you feel like you're walking on a cloud with every step you take. With an ultra-modern look on the outside, these trainers offer a breathable yet supportive fit, thanks to the engineered mesh upper.

Customer review: " I've never tried NB Fresh Foam shoes, or any highly cushioned running shoe for that matter, but these are SO comfy! I've only had them for about a week, but so far I'm really into them as a general shoe to walk around and do my errands (I live in a downtown area where I walk a lot). Also, my plantar fasciitis does not flare up in these at all. I don't know that I would use them for running because they feel like they would be a bit too unstable, but I might try it out. The only potential negative is if you have wide feet - they are still comfy and not too tight that it causes pain or cramping, but I can see the side of my foot poking out of the soft mesh a bit."


  • Cushioning foam
  • Breathable design
  • Look fashionable


  • Reviewers mention they might be on the narrow side for some

Best plantar fasciitis trainers for wide feet

FitVille Women's Cloud Wanderer V8FitVille

Available in an EE width fitting with a roomy toe box, the FitVille Women's Cloud Wanderer V8 trainers offer ample space for your feet. As well as providing a fabulous fit for those needing a wider fit trainer, they are designed to provide heel pain relief, thanks to the cushioning innersole and the 5cm high EVA sole for optimal shock absorption. They're made with a high-elastic knit upper for added stretch and breathability, plus they're machine washable so you keep them as fresh as can be and odour-free.

Customer review: "These trainers are wide enough to fit my L ankle which sticks out with extra bone due to arthritis. They are very comfortable, when out on a walk. I am very pleased as I find shoes very difficult to find as I do have very thin feet with a valgus on my calcaneum and plantar fasciitis. On my R foot with no deformity, I have to pull the laces up very tight. I also need a roomy shoe as I have to wear orthotics. I love the style. Will buy again !"


  • Wide and spacious toe box
  • EVA sole for optimal shock absorption
  • Machine washable


  • One reviewer found the trainers rubbed on their feet when they first arrived


What causes plantar fasciitis?

The NHS says that plantar fasciitis is caused by straining the part of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia) but it's not always clear why this happens.

You may be more likely to get plantar fasciitis if you:

• Are 40 to 60 years of age
• Recently started exercising on hard surfaces
• Exercise with a tight calf or heel
• Overstretch the sole of your foot during exercise
• Recently started doing a lot more walking, running or standing up
• Wear shoes with poor cushioning or support
• Are very overweight

How long does plantar fasciitis last?

As it’s not always clear what causes plantar fasciitis, how long you have the condition can vary from person to person. How long plantar fasciitis lasts can depend on a couple of factors, such as how severe it is in the first place, your personal circumstances and health overall, and what you’re doing to help treat it. With the right treatment, Plantar fasciitis can be gone within a couple of months to a year.

Advice from the NHS suggests to try these things at home to relieve the symptoms:

• Rest and raise your foot on a stool when you can
• Put an ice pack (or bag of frozen peas) in a towel on the painful area for up to 20 minutes every two to three hours
• Wear shoes with cushioned heels and good arch support
• Use insoles or heel pads in your shoes
• Try regular gentle stretching exercises
• Try exercises that do not put pressure on your feet, such as swimming
• Take painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen
• Try to lose weight if you’re overweight

If your plantar fasciitis doesn’t get better with treatment at home, your GP could suggest you visit a podiatrist for more specialist foot care. NHS podiatrists are quite rare so this will probably be something you would need to arrange privately.

Best plantar fasciitis trainers
Credit: Getty Images/WDnet ©Credit: Getty Images/WDnet

What types of shoes are bad for plantar fasciitis?

Certain types of shoes can worsen the pain of plantar fasciitis, including flat shoes, high heels and shoes that don’t fit properly. Shoes without proper arch support or with stiff, rigid soles can often make the symptoms worse as well as shoes with thin soles as they provide hardly any cushioning or shock absorption properties.

We asked Trevor Prior, consultant podiatrist at Vionic Shoes about the types of shoes to avoid when you have plantar fasciitis. "In many cases, people who have developed plantar fasciitis have worn shoes with minimal heel height, a thin, hard sole and no built-in arch support. The types of shoes which may make plantar fasciitis worse include flat, slip-ons or pumps."

"You should avoid shoes with no or a low heel as this requires good calf muscle flexibility which many people with plantar fasciitis don’t have" says Trevor. "If you’re wearing a flat or low-heeled shoe and if your calf muscle is already tight, it will increase strain on the plantar fascia."

What are the best trainers for plantar fasciitis?

As we’ve mentioned previously, the best trainers for plantar fasciitis are ones that provide extra support and cushioning to take the strain off the bottom of your foot, around your heel and arch. Trevor Prior recommends orthopaedic trainers to help address the problems with plantar fasciitis, as well as fallen arches, bunions, arthritis, joint pain and several other conditions.

"Trainers with built-in orthotics help to reduce unwanted movement of the foot and ankle bones, thereby allowing you to reclaim your natural footprint. In turn, this can help alleviate problems in other parts of the body. Orthotics also give a more even weight distribution, take pressure off sore spots, such as the ball of the foot, corns or bunions, and they can also provide shock absorption."

We think one of the best pairs of plantar fasciitis trainers on our list are the FitVille Women's Rebound Core Shoes. They offer extra support to the areas where plantar fasciitis causes pain and have an ergonomic arch support and a shock-absorbing design to ensure your feet are as comfortable as possible.

Meet the expert:

This article contains advice from Trevor Prior. Trevor has been practising as a podiatrist for over 40 years. He has also worked extensively with elite and professional sportsmen and women in a wide range of disciplines, including football, rugby, cricket, athletics, hockey and badminton.

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