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best mascara for older women

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As we mature, we often find that we have to adapt our beauty routines, especially when it comes to selecting the best mascara for older women. Mascara is a product we have to be careful to apply because if we choose the wrong one, we can actually end up making ourselves look older, not younger. However, the best makeup for older women will complement mature features and draw attention to the best parts of our faces.

Similar to hair thinning, as we get older, our eyelashes begin to thin and once what may have been big, beautiful lashes tend to be no more. Your eyelashes may also thin out if you are prone to constantly rubbing your eyes, taking certain medications or having a particular medical condition. This is the same for our eyebrows too, which is why many of us try things like laminating our brows to achieve a fuller appearance.

The best mascara for older women at a glance:

  • Best mascara for older women overall: Lancôme Lash Idôle Volumising Waterproof Mascara - Buy now on John Lewis

  • Best lengthening mascara for older women: MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara - Buy now on Boots

  • Best lash curling mascara for older women: Benefit Roller Lash Lifting and Curling Mascara - Buy now on LookFantastic

  • Best sensitive mascara for older women: UKLASH Lengthening Mascara - Buy now on Uklash

If your eyelashes are thin, it's unlikely you would want to wear false lashes, as these can be quite heavy, even irritating sensitive eyes. A more natural look can be achieved by wearing a more lightweight foundation suited for mature women and experimenting with more subtle eye makeup. A few swatches from your favourite palette of eye shadow, along with a liner or mascara, can help you flaunt a number of flattering eye makeup looks. A mascara is, therefore, a great way to naturally add some 'va-va-voom' back to your eyelashes and works as a quick makeup tip to instantly make you look more awake, which, let's be honest, we could all do with.

In the same way, you would apply the best primer for mature skin before applying foundation, you can also apply a lash primer to encourage the longevity of a mascara. However, the mascara we've selected has been designed to give long-lasting wear throughout the day. Here's the best mascara for older women to give you full, long, luscious lashes once more.

Best mascara for older women

Best mascara for older women overall

Lancôme Lash Idôle Volumising Waterproof Mascara
Price: $26
Alternative retailers
Kohl's$30.00View offer
Sephora$30.00View offer
Neiman Marcus$30.00View offer
Macy's$30.00View offer

If you're looking for a mascara to meet all of your lash needs, the Lancôme Lash Idôle Volumising Waterproof Mascara helps you achieve a full fanned-out effect while also lifting your lashes. It feels light on the lashes, making it comfortable to wear, and it's easy to see why this highly-rated waterproof mascara is one of Lancôme's best sellers. People who have used it found the curved brush very effective in providing easy lash coverage with a glossy black look. Due to the dramatic finish it offers, some reviewers feel that it is a bit difficult to remove. So, you might want to take the makeup removers you own into consideration while opting for this product. 

As a product that is also tested under ophthalmological control, you can be rest assured that this mascara will be soothing for sensitive eyes and suitable for those who wear contact lenses. A customer has mentioned that this is the first mascara she has tried that does not flake off after applying a couple of coats which is a must when you have sensitive eyes. Another user who mentioned that she has sparse lashes has commented that the brush size is perfect for someone who is working with less volume and wants more definition. This is why this mascara has earned a spot on our shortlist as one of the best makeup items for older women overall.


  • Perfect for those with sparse lashes
  • Does not get flaky, which is especially good for those with sensitive eyes
  • Tested under ophthalmological control


  • Some reviews say that it is a bit difficult to remove

Best soft mascara for older women

Maybelline - Full 'N Soft Mascara

Rrp: $9.99

Price: $7.99
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Walmart$8.24View offer
Target$8.39View offer
Ulta$9.99View offer

If you’re looking for a mascara with a softer feel, then the Full N' Soft Mascara from Maybelline, with thousands of reviews backing the product on its effectiveness, is definitely worth a try. Reviewers claim it’s great for older lashes and keeps them looking soft while still adding volume, length and definition. One customer mentioned that the final result was super soft, long and fanned lashes that don’t clump. She added that you can easily build on by adding layers without looking clumpy as it does not dry very quickly. It gives you enough time to really give your lashes several good coats. It leaves the lashes looking soft and naturally more defined.

Some reviews mention that this product can smudge which is something to keep in mind while weighing your options. Some who used the product also felt that it does not curl very well, so if a curling effect for your lashes is something you are after, then you would want to consider other options. However, this mascara is great for daily use and easy on the pocket to pull off soft and well-defined lashes.


  • Gives you time before drying, so you can apply several coats for more volume without clumping
  • Very light on the lashes


  • Does not curl lashes very well
  • Not waterproof

Best lengthening mascara for older women

If you’ve never been blessed with naturally long lashes, then the MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara could be your saving grace. The super thin wand and petite bristles allow you to get right to the root of the lashes so that you can really enhance the length from bottom to top. The small size of the brush also helps to avoid accidental brushes against your skin around the eyelashes. Some reviewers also feel this is helpful while applying mascara on your lower lashes. 

While it might take a few coats to get the look you are after, you can be free from worry about the content of the product as it is tested by ophthalmologists. Most customers also found the thin formula and its cramy texture good for a light feel after application. It also comes off quite easily according to several reviews. With this mascara, you can live the dream of owning those long, dark lashes again.


  • Sweat-resistant
  • Lasts for 16 hours
  • Safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes
  • Small brush helps with mess-free and effective application on lower lashes and baby lashes as well


  • May need a few coats for desired effect

Best long-lasting mascara for older women

There’s nothing worse than a mascara that gives you ‘panda eyes’, especially if you’re older, as it can also get stuck in the fine lines around your eyes. The Lash Power™ Mascara from Clinique can ease your worries as it stays on for 24 hours and claims to last through sweat, heat, rain and tears. Those who have tried the product are happy with how long it stays and adds volume to thinning lashes in the case of older women. 

As a product that can make you look glamorous and help the look to stay the same throughout the day, this mascara could the best investment to restore the youthful lift and definition of your lashes. Most reviews highlight how it lifts your lashes without any clumping, flaking or smudging. However, the product is a bit smaller in quantity which may leave you having to restock more often.


  • Long-lasting wear
  • Available in black or dark chocolate
  • Ophthalmologist tested


  • A smaller product than the others

Best easy-to-remove mascara for older women

Makeup Revolution Big Lash Reloaded Volume Mascara for older womenLook Fantastic

As a regular user of Revolution's foundation, I decided to try their Makeup Revolution Big Lash Reloaded Volume Mascara, and I'm so glad I did. The wand has a large handle, which makes it easy to grip, and the brush is quite big, so you can see exactly where it's going.

I already have long lashes but as they are quite light, they aren't as visible when I'm wearing makeup, but the mascara highlights them nicely. It certainly makes my lashes look even longer but not clumped together.

The liquid is easy to apply and flows smoothly onto the lashes, but I find that due to the wide angle of the brush, it can sometimes be tricky to reach the smaller lashes towards the inner corner of the eye. However, it isn't waterproof, so it's easy to remove when needed.

If I'm going out for the day and want my mascara to stay in place, I use a waterproof mascara over my Revolution one, which holds it in place (although I've found that this is best done as soon as you apply a coat of the Revolution one—before it's fully dry—to prevent clumping).

Tried, tested and reviewed by Arabella Horspool, Digital Writer at


  • Formula is lightweight and smooth
  • Long bristles that promise to reach every lash


  • Not a waterproof formula

Best organic mascara for older women

From the sustainable brand Green People, this highly-rated Volumizing Mascara is organic and free from harmful ingredients. Ideal for sensitive eyes, this natural mascara is made up of various organic ingredients like Sunflower Oil, Carnauba Wax and Beeswax that have also been sustainably sourced. Customers who have been experiencing tearing up, watery eyes and red eyes when using mascara have stated that this product is very gentle, mild and easy on sensitive eyes.

As you grow older, you might also become more wary about how products affect your eyes, and this mascara is perfect if you have sensitive eyes and lashes that could do with a little more definition and lift. It is also waterproof and feels light on your lashes, according to several reviewers. Your worries about thinning lashes can end with this product that can give you a natural lift and fuller look, reminiscent of the 60s retro make-up looks you once wore.


  • Cruelty-free and sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Completely organic
  • Natural ingredients Sunflower Oil, Carnauba Wax and Beeswax that nourish the lashes


  • Can be known to smudge

Best lash-lifting mascara for older women

The Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara comes with a cleverly curved wand that instantly lifts, lengthens and fans out flat-looking lashes (a bit like an eyelash curler). Several reviews vouch for this as they say the volume and curl it creates lasts through the day. With an impressive 24-hour wear, you won’t need to do any top-ups all day. The mascara formula also contains cotton nectar to help protect your eyelashes in the long run too.

If you are keen on experimenting with colours, this mascara is also available in Blue, Dark Green and Brown. The brown was highly praised by a blonde user who recommends it for light-coloured and sparse lashes. Some reviewers found the feel a bit clumpy, so you might have to take extra care to avoid lumps and get a smooth texture to achieve the look you are going for. But as far as curling and lifting go, this mascara can be a great choice.


  • Available in black, brown, dark green and blue
  • Safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes
  • Ophthalmologist tested


  • Some found the consistency clumpy

Best ultimate definition mascara for older women

Bobbi Brown’s number one mascara, the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara, is brilliant for building bold lashes from the root upwards. The flexible, medium size brush allows for you to layer it up without going clumpy. Most reviews say that it helps create a nice faux effect with high-definition and volume. It helps that the formula is not too thick, which makes it easier to apply more layers. 

But some reviewers say that it can tend to smudge once the product is applied one too thick, so this is something to keep in mind while going for extra-dramatic looks. Its raven black shade that is amplified by the kohl-pigmented formula helps to make your natural eye colour pop. If you are looking to flaunt a smokey eye look that does not need to be retouched every now and then, then this mascara can help you get the look that will have your eyes looking glamorous through sweat, water and humidity.


  • Clump-proof
  • Long-wearing formula
  • Safe for contact lens wearers


  • Can be known to smudge if applied on too thick

Best lash curling mascara for older women

The Roller Lash Lifting and Curling Mascara from beauty brand Benefit really allows you to get in at the roots with its' curved wand applicator. It is a popular choice at the moment, and reviews are raving about this mascara and how it lifts and separates the lashes while giving it more definition. With a wand that separates lashes, this mascara is lifting, adds volume, and is clump-free. 

Rebecca Lancaster, Digital Writer at Mother&Baby, tried and tested this mascara and says, “I absolutely love how it makes my lashes look well separated, defined and long with no clumping - it's one of the best I've used. The only downside is that it does smudge on the top of my eyelids after a few hours.” While it may not be the best choice for long-use daily wear, if you are looking for a product that can make your eyes look more vibrant and striking for an event or a short time, then this product can help you achieve the look.


  • Separates and lifts lashes
  • Curved brush adds to the lifting effect
  • Clump-free


  • Can be known to smudge

Best fake lash look mascara for older women

If you love (or loved) using fake lashes but find they’re just too heavy for your eyes now, then the 'They're Real' Mascara from Benefit can help you get back that look. Promising bigger and bolder-looking lashes, this mascara's long-wearing formula gives your lashes the fanned-out effect that fake lashes give. Reviews rave about its ability to add definition, volume and length without clumping. 

It is also waterproof, making it suitable for long wearing, and adds a dramatic lift to your lashes as well. However, reviewers also share that you need to apply it quickly if you are going for several layers, as it dries pretty fast. But this is made easy by a brush that catches enough product to complete both eyes with one dip if necessary, according to several customers. By enhancing the length, thickness and definition of your lashes, this mascara is perfect to complete your look for occasions that need you looking glamorous.


  • Available in black, brown and blue
  • Long-wearing formula
  • Gives a fake lash effect


  • Quick application required

Best sensitive mascara for older women

Most dramatic and voluminous lashes come at the expense of several coats which means applying a lot of the product on your lashes. This makes it important to choose a gentle mascara that is not going to leave your eyes watery or irritated. If you have sensitive eyes and lashes that could use a bit more length and definition, then this UKLASH Lengthening Mascara can help make your eyes look stunning. A reviewer who is 51 years old has shared that she has never been more pleased with how her lashes look and that she no longer needs extensions. 

She also confirmed that it is tear-proof and sweat-proof. The water-resistant formula is also enhanced with Carnauba and Candelilla waxes to hold your lashes in place and Glycerin to hydrate. The curved silicone brush helps to achieve even application and shape your lashes the way you want. As a paraben-free and vegan-friendly option, this mascara can be the best companion to glam up your sensitive eyes.


  • Paraben free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Contains glycerin to moisturise the lashes
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes


  • Might need an oil-based make-up remover to get it off, according to one reviewer

Best established brand mascara for older women

Trusted brand Elizabeth Arden has developed this vitamin-rich Grand Entrance Mascara for nourished and high-impact lashes. If you are looking for a product that not only enhances the look but also nourishes your lashes, then this mascara that is rich in olive and rice bran can keep your eyelashes in good condition. A reviewer with very sensitive eyes and who also suffers from allergies frequently shared that this mascara has been very gentle on her eyes while also being water-proof. 

With proven results, the alternating wedge-shaped discs and conical bristles help to separate your lashes and add definition. Some reviews warn about a clumpy finish, but this can be avoided by careful application and in terms of length and volume, this mascara does not disappoint. Some also found that the curved wand was difficult to manoeuvre around the lower lashes without smudging. So if this could be a concern for you, it might be worth looking at other options as well.


  • Enriched formula for healthy-looking lashes
  • Contains rice bran vitamin B extract
  • Contains olive and carnauba ester emollients


  • Some customers found it clumpy

Best enriched mascara for older women

Enriched with castor oil to help improve the growth of lashes, the L’Oréal Castor Oil-Enriched Paradise Volumising Black Mascara coats individual eyelashes for maximum definition. You can ease your worries about clumping as the soft fibre brush does a thorough job of separating and enhancing your lashes. While this brush feels pleasant during application, some reviews say that it felt too big for use. So, if you prefer smaller brushes, this might be something to consider while thinking about this product. The formula is smooth and applies effortlessly to create a fuller, thicker appearance which is perfect for older lashes that could be lacking volume and lift.


  • Enriched formula for healthy-looking lashes
  • Soft fibre bristle brush on mascara wand
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes


  • Mascara brush too large for some

Best mascara for lash growth

Rumi Cosmetiques VolumeCare, mascara for older womennArabella Horspool,

Designed specifically for mature women (aged 40+) with thin, short lashes, this Rumi Cosmetiques VolumeCare+. The formula is infused with Growth Peptides™️ to make your lashes stronger and, therefore, appear longer, which they certainly did for me.

Our Digital Writer Arabella Horspool tried and tested this product and said, 'I found that the mascara glides on easily and leaves no clumps behind. It's brilliant for a natural look as it's not an overly thick liquid. My lashes are quite light, but once I've applied this dark formula, each one appears more defined and separated.


  • Includes ingredients to help lashes to grow
  • Separates lashes, which makes it look like you have more


  • Reviewer hasn't seen a difference in lash growth yet (will test product for longer)

What is the best mascara for older women?

In our opinion, the best mascara for older women would have to be the Lancôme Lash Idôle Volumising Waterproof Mascara, as it's the most highly rated on the list. However, for an affordable alternative, you may want to opt for Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara, instead.


What type of mascara is best for older hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes are a shape of eye that has excess skin underneath the browbone, creating a fold. Those with hooded eyes may find their eye makeup smudges more than others. Therefore, a smudge-proof or waterproof mascara is essential for older hooded eyes. Applying the best concealer for mature skin under the eyes will help with smudging.

What colour mascara is best for older eyes?

While black generally tends to be the most popular colour of mascara because it adds fullness to your lashes, there's no shame in changing it up. If you find black mascara to be too severe against your eyes, you may want to try out brown mascara instead. A brown mascara may appear more natural than a typical black mascara.

How to apply mascara to older hooded eyes

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