The best LED light therapy masks to tackle ageing

What is an LED light therapy mask and are they safe? We answer your burning questions and pick out our favourites to buy in the UK right now.

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Light-emitting-diode (LED) light therapy masks are everywhere right now, and although they may look scary, they can do so much good for your skin.

This bizarre looking face mask tool is built on years of scientific research and real scientifically proven skincare treatments you can get when visiting a dermatologist or skin specialist.

The LED therapy masks are now readily available to purchase in the UK and online, and we cannot wait to bring that salon feel into our own homes. Indulge in some salon-worthy self-care treatment from the comfort of your home and watch your skin get its youthful glow back.

LED light therapy masks are trusted by beauty and skincare professionals around the world, they can help with multiple skin issues and tackle ageing and wrinkles. Enough chitchat let's get into the thick of it with some frequently asked questions, and of course, our favourites we think you can buy.

What is a LED light therapy mask?

"LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment for the face and hands that uses non-thermal LED light energy to rejuvenate the skin by accelerating the skin’s natural cell repair process," says Dr Ejikeme, Founder & Medical Director of Adonia Medical Clinic.

LED light therapy was initially developed by NASA to help astronauts with tissue healing and repair. This was over 30 years ago, since then the beauty and skincare industry has realised the same technology can be optimised to treat specific skin conditions and minimise the appearance of wrinkles and ageing.

LED light therapy masks work by using different wavelengths of light (most commonly red and blue) to penetrate the skin and stimulate cell repair. Different colours work in different ways and can target different skin conditions and issues. Dr Ejikeme explains:

"Red light therapy is great for rosacea, sensitive skin as it reduces redness and inflammation, it improves circulation and boosts collagen production, making it great for anti-ageing.

Blue light has powerful antibacterial properties that make it great for treating acne without irritation. It also proven to destroy bacteria that are commonly associated with acne and breakouts.

Near infra-red light has deeper skin penetration and boosts collagen, helping to refine the appearance of fine lines, improving skin elasticity."

Are LED light therapy masks safe?

The short answer is yes. If you follow the instructions for use, only using for the recommended amount of time and protect your eyes while doing so, LED light therapy masks are perfectly safe.

They will start to become unsafe when you exceed the recommended times. Though they are non-invasive and don’t emit UV light, over-using is possible but quite difficult.

Can I use an LED mask every day?

"Masks vary. In the clinic, the mask should be used once a week but most at home devices recommend use daily from between 10-20mins," explains Dr Ejikeme.

What should I put on my face before LED light therapy?

"Skin should be cleansed with no make-up, moisturisers or serums on the skin so the light can effectively get to the skin. After place your serums and moisturisers," says Dr Ejikeme.

Where to Buy LED Light Therapy Masks

Unlike typical beauty and skincare products, you won’t necessarily find these on the shelves of your local Boots or Superdrug – although you may just get lucky and find the No7 LABORATORIES Age-Defying LED Mask in store when it isn’t out of stock.

We’ve rounded up the best places you can buy LED light therapy masks online and with ease. Keep scrolling for our top picks.

The best LED light therapy masks available in the UK

Just so you know, while we may receive commission for purchases made through our links, we never allow this to influence product selections. Why trust us?

According to PRIORI, their UNVEILED mask is a lightweight, silicon-based LED face mask that delivers the optimum dose of temperature-controlled red and near-infrared light directly to your skin. It’s a non-invasive, portable treatment which works without giving you any discomfort.

After just one 10-minute session with the PRIORI UNVEILED mask, your skin should feel plumper, more hydrated and instantly rejuvenated and radiant.

Why we like it:

Easy to set up and use

Comfortable to wear


Our reviewer said: 'If you’re serious about skincare, I can’t recommend having an LED mask as part of your skincare routine enough, especially if you suffer from fine lines, redness and blemishes. For me, this mask is the best on the market thanks to its flexibility and portability compared to its competitors.'

Read our full review here.

One of the most popular masks on the market comes in the form of this seven-colour model from Project E Beauty. Promising to do everything from shrink pore appearance, smooth skin, lessen oil, tighten, and even reduce the appearance of freckles, this wireless device requires just 10 to 15 minutes of use three to four times a week in conjunction with its included hyaluronic acid serum.

Why we like it:

• Shrinks pores, smooths and tightens skin

• Seven different light colours to treat your skins different needs

• Wireless and convenient to use

So far so good - one Amazon reviewer said: “I haven’t had this product long, just a couple of weeks but already my family have said they can see a change in my face. My skin certainly looks brighter and smoother. Hopefully, this will continue with time and more usage. It is as others have said a little heavy on the bridge of your nose but is better if you lay down.”

Multi-award winning and the original flexible LED mask with hundreds of rave reviews, this offering from CurrentBody is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 35 per cent, in just four weeks. Fully flexible and wearable, the mask delivers the perfect dose of dual LED light directly to the skin. Unlike other devices the mask’s flexibility ensures that the maximum amount of light hits the lower layers of the skin, delivering both instant and long-term results.

Why we like it:

• Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 35% in just 4 weeks

• Combines anti-ageing red and near infra-red light therapy

• Patented flexible silicone ensures light penetrates every area of the face

• 95% of users said their skin tone, texture, firmness and tightness was improved

Verified buyer, Sara, couldn’t recommend this anymore: “I’ve been using my mask for a couple of months now and I’m thrilled with the results I’m seeing. My skin is glowing, and firm and my pigmentation seems to be fading. I also think it’s helped with my chronic sinus issues, as they’ve completely cleared up since I started using the mask! Highly recommended!”

This mask might look like a cross between a robot and a serial-killer Halloween costume, but it’s actually a highly effective treatment for acne and wrinkles. (And yes, we think it’s totally unfair that we have both at the same time). Red lights penetrate deep to stimulate collagen production, while blue lights destroy acne-causing bacteria and soothe inflammation. In a clinical study, over 97 per cent of subjects showed overall improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, and acne, over a ten-week period of daily use.

Why we like it:

• Lightweight and comfortable to wear

• Comes with a detachable, adjustable head strap and a storage bag

• Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and acne

One happy customer said: “I’ve always been a huge fan of LED masks and I had done a fair bit of research on DR Dennis products. I have not been disappointed. Absolutely love this mask, I have seen great results - my skin feels a lot clearer, fewer wrinkles and feels tighter.”

Acne takes a serious beating from this Foreo blue light treatment pen when it’s pressed against the skin in 30-second increments. In addition to its bacteria-killing blue light, it’s got “T-sonic pulsations” to boost your blood’s natural microcirculation, which in turn helps skin cell turnover.

Why we like it:

• Targets acne blemishes

• Based on professional dermatology treatments at a fraction of the cost

• Compact and travel-friendly

The Espada converted this non-believer: “I'm a skincare tool junkie so the Espada had a place in my wishlist for a while. I admit I was not a believer from the start, but using it a few times proved me wrong. It takes a few passes on the same spot but my pimples calm down literally overnight and disappear without a trace. I stop myself from picking at my face because I want to use the Espada and it's been really good for my skin.”

Skincare experts, No7 are introducing us to the next generation of clinic inspired LED technology at home with the No7 LABORATORIES Age-Defying LED Mask. Powered by the clinically proven technology of red and near infra-red LEDs, this mask targets multiple signs of ageing to revitalise skin. The intensive, but pain-free wavelengths are harnessed at the perfect level to work beneath the surface where skin ageing begins.

Why we like it:

• Comes with adjustable securing straps and a rechargeable handset

• Most budget-friendly

• Designed to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, helping to reveal youthful-looking skin

An LED mask fan’s favourite: “This mask is incredible! For a mid-range price LED mask, it works from the first time you use it. I’ve seen a huge difference (pigmentation marks, age spots, pore size and general glow) in one week of daily use. I use it alongside the 15 per cent glycolic gel mask and they work well together. The mask fits snugly against your face with the adjustable strap and the mask itself being made of a soft rubber-type material. If you are thinking about trying an LED mask for the first time, this is an excellent product. I have used three different types of LED therapy masks and this is the best by far.”

The technology used in this product is used by medical spas, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons all over the world, so it’s amazing to be able to achieve fantastic results from the comfort of your own home. In clinical trials, 100 per cent of participants reported improved fine lines and wrinkles in only eight weeks. Plus, it's really easy to use. All you need to do is press the device against your skin for three minutes and repeat in all desired areas of the face.

Why we like it:

• Complimentary LightStim Collagen Peptide Serum worth £70 with purchase

• 72 LED lights stimulate collagen and elastin production

• Comes with storage bag

Check out these amazing results: “I have been using the device almost daily for seven weeks now. The most obvious change is the reducing fine lines on my forehead, and the areas under my eye bones seem to be plumper so the dark circles look less puffy. Besides, the pigmentation on my cheeks seem to be less obvious, and the skin texture is slightly improved. I hope to see improvements in nasolabial folds though. It is relaxing to use the device and it forces me to go to bed on time once a routine is formed.”

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